NGP Van Is Streamlining Democratic Campaigns With Digital Software

NGP Van is providing new solutions applications for canvassing operations. Political parties and candidates spent $6.4 billion on campaigns in 2016 to persuade voters to vote for their party or campaign. Hundreds of hours were spent on these campaigns by the staff. Door to door canvasing is the most traditional form. Most homeowners have engaged with political candidates, non profit organizers and religious representatives knocking on their doors.

When the elections are tight the efficiency of campaign funds becomes critical. Candidates are relying on persuasion, campaign dollars and NGP Van apps to attract voters. Online platforms and social media have impacted how people connect and socialize. This must be taken into consideration by the campaign staff. The number of voters shifting between Democratic and Republican candidates has increased. A successful campaign takes both money and time. NGP Van provides the tools to help ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.

The most common efforts regarding campaign outreach include direct mail ads, canvassing, phone banks and television commercials. Volunteers and campaign workers cold call and pass out flyers. This often has little effect. If a canvassing operation is not effective it is wasting both time and money. NGP Van helps campaigners streamline their operations to increase effectiveness. This helps the teams rally the voters to achieve the desired results. This is accomplished with campaign organization software.

NGP Van is spearheading the Democratic party campaigns with efficient and innovative software. Canvassing efforts are more effective when digital tools are incorporated. A successful operation must access the quality voter data. This enables the teams to focus on voters with the right ideology. NGP Van provides Democratic campaigns with the tools necessary to organize volunteers, print out the best routes, compile voter data and delegate appropriately.

MiniVAN is for Android and iOS devices and is a free mobile app. All necessary information for the canvassers is compiled including scripts for talking, maps and contact information for the voters. This eliminates the need for spending hours sifting through data and paperwork by streamlining the process. The bottom line is NGP Van makes the process of canvassing and time effective.

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