Glen Wakeman: Inspiring Business Leaders Everywhere

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is an international business expert. He is known for his expertise as a business owner, mentor, and even investor. His background and training is in the business of development as well as different P&L roles ( He has had a very successful career in the business field for over 20 years with the company, GE Capital. He has lived in six countries in the world and conducted business in over 30. He has developed and improved businesses that have more than 17,000 employees and even fifteen billion dollars in assets. Some of the things he has done are creating start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. He has also assisted companies in downsizing, entering the market for the first time, and even helped them with the amount of exponential growth that they had. 4

At the moment, Glen Wakeman is the co-founder, as well of the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The firm gives entrepreneurs to have a larger success rate by giving them plans and designs for their online businesses. Wakeman is known for his blogging about different transformations that businesses can make, affairs happening around the world, trends in the markets, and leadership within companies. He has provided advice to business owners in terms of strategy, financing, and raising capital. Wakeman is also the mentor to a handful of C-level executives and is even the advisor to different start-ups around the world. Personally, Wakeman is motived by seeing growth within companies, innovation in the business place, and development in the executive aspects.

Glen Wakeman has created a theory of the five pillars of performance that are essential to a successful business. These aspects of successful performance are Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Governance, and Risk Management. He believes when these are applied, businesses will be set up with the proper foundation and basis that they need in order to grow.