Bruno Fagali: Torchbearer for Change in Brazil

Bruno Fagali is leading a movement in Brazil against the corruption and ethical malpractices. As a rising lawyer, he is devoting his life to fighting the ill practices that plague the country. His aim to bring about a change in Brazil and it’s outlook while changing the perception of Brazil as far as corruption and ethics go is one that needs to be admired.

He got his Bachelors in Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in 2009 and soon after joined the same university to pursue a specialization in Administrative Law. He did not rest on his laurels as he pursued his Masters of Law from the University of Sao Paulo while working with Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity manager. He graduated and earned his masters in 2017.

During the time he worked toward his masters, he started his own law firm – Fagali Advocacia. Fagali Advocacia has an experienced team handling various facets of legal issues for its clients, providing them with the high quality of service in streams such as Compliance, Public Law, Anti-Corruption Law, to name a few.

Bruno believes there’s a need to bring in compliance programs and corporate governance as part of the routine and not as an outside variable, he believes in the integration of the program within the routine and the different branches of the company like Human Resources, Internal Audit, Legal Department, Accounting Department, and so on.

Along with Lucas Aluisio Scatimburgo Pedroso as partner for Fagali Advocacia, Mr. Fagali aims to bring about a change in the way companies function, bringing in more ethics where it matters and to make sure they don’t simply see compliance laws as guidelines but incorporate them into the inner workings of the company to a point where it becomes a natural part of the firm.

However, even with many companies starting the change and becoming more compliant in 2017, Bruno believes that there are still some shrinking away from the responsibility. He notes that compliance needs to happen at a fundamental level first and then proceed to bring about a strong code of ethics and prevent further irregularities. With rising lawyers like Bruno taking the reigns, Brazil’s future look to be in safe hands.

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Karl Heideck: Shining Light Of Philadelphia’s Litigation Community

Karl Heideck in Alaska
Karl Heideck in Alaska

A litigator is an attorney specialized in taking disputes to trial. They might also be known by the public vernacular as a “trial lawyer” or “courtroom attorney”. Litigators practice law by representing clients primarily within an antithetical legal proceeding. Litigators are well-versed in the acts of arguing motions, practicing voir dire, and are adept at pleading cases before a judge or a jury. For that reason, litigators are noted as being expressive and confident in public settings. Litigators act in a higher profile capacity compared with attorneys who practice transactional law through the drafting of documents outside the spotlight of a courtroom. Those desiring a career in litigation may have an affinity for the high-octane dynamics of trial work. Those with an interest in litigation must earn a Juris Doctor degree and subsequently pass a written bar exam. Law students with an interest in litigation do best by choosing a law school that offers litigation as a specialization.

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Karl Heideck is a successful litigator who practices law in the Greater Philadelphia area. Karl Heideck received his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College and went on to receive a Juris Doctor degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University.

Karl Heideck has over ten years experience in the legal practices of research, corporate law, commercial litigation, arbitration, trial work, mediation, and matters concerning intellectual properties. Karl Heideck currently works as a contract attorney with Hire Counsel, a vanguard legal services provider for corporation, firms, and government agencies.

Get The Best Representation With Experienced Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Get The Best Representation With Experienced Litigation Attorney Karl HeideckThe most popular yet most feared career in law is that of a litigator. A litigator is a trial attorney who negotiates disputes which escalate to the court. Since litigation involves finding a solution to a case through the court system, litigation attorneys spend much of their time in the courtroom handling various kinds of lawsuits. A litigator represents defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases and handles all phases of the litigation process, from investigation to appeals if a settlement is not agreed on by parties involved.

Education Needed to Qualify as a Litigator
To become a litigation attorney, one must complete an undergraduate degree, Juris Doctor (JD) and pass the bar examination. One can obtain a bachelor’s degree that will qualify him to get admitted into the law school, take the law school admission test, and then earn the JD degree. After passing the written bar exam, one will get licensed to practice as a litigator and should search for entry-level job as a litigation lawyer to gain the relevant experience.

One should have excellent communication skill- both written and verbal, understand how to use Microsoft Office and other legal software, be a critical thinker, have excellent research and analysis skills, be honest, able to multitask and be organized. A successful litigator is one who can interact with and interview those they are representing as well as the witnesses and must possess comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the courtroom procedure.

About Litigation Lawyer Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a talented litigation attorney in the Greater Philadelphia region. He specializes in litigation, risk management as well as compliance practices, and has skills in commercial litigation, corporate law, legal writing, product liability, employment law, and legal research. Karl has ten years experience practicing as an attorney.

Education and Career Background of Karl Heideck
The successful career of Karl began at Swarthmore College where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature. He then enrolled at the Temple University Beasley School of Law and graduated with honors. Since April 2015, Karl Heideck has been working as a Contract Attorney at Hire Counsel, Wilmington. Before then he worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP for three years after serving as an associate at Conrad O’Brien in 2010. Karl Heideck is a reputable attorney whose intelligence combined with experience makes him successful in most cases that he represents.