Aloha Construction Wins The 2017 Better Business Bureau Touch Award

Every year, the Better Business Bureau award businesses that have demonstrated excellent ethical practice during the year its Prestigious Touch Award. A group of businesses is initially nominated and then there is a screening process by a team of judges to select the winning company.

Aloha Construction was the proud winner of the 2017 Better Business Bureau Touch Award for ethics. Located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction is a family-owned construction company that has over the last ten years grown into a regional leader in the construction Industry. With more than 7,000 projects completed, Aloha has gained a reputation for excellence and integrity.

According to the judges, Aloha Construction was chosen for the award for a number of reasons, including it regular contribution to the local community. The Better Business Bureau has been awarding businesses the Touch Award since 1996. The award is of very high standards, hence a real honor for any company that wins it.

To qualify for the award, a business must meet these six criteria;

  1. Leaders must be committed to and demonstrate ethical practice in their business conduct and direct their employees accordingly.
  1. Leaders must cultivate a work culture that reflects high character ethics and practices.
  1. Leaders must have clarity of purpose and strong conviction and build their organization around this purpose.
  1. Leaders must demonstrate high competency management practice and show high character.
  1. The company must provide a conducive environment for the growth and development of employees. It must value its employees.
  1. The company must show a commitment to the community. They must engage actively with other industry in the community.

Aloha Construction met with all the above criteria and won the award. Aside from delivering excellent service, it also actively contributes to the community.

Aloha Construction has contributed immensely to its community, one of such ways is by launching a toy shopping spree in partnership with Learning Express for families in need.The David Farbaky Foundation (named after the company’s founder and CEO) teamed with Omni Youth Services to find a family in need to help. Four girls and a single mother were selected and they were given 60 seconds to pick as many toys as possible.

Aloha also sponsored a 12-year-old boy and 11 of his friends to a Chicago Bulls vs Houston Rocket game. The boy had congenital heart failure and had been operated upon five times already. These are just a few of Aloha’s generosity.

Its excellent service is delivered by a team of specialist, managers, inspectors, installers and administrative staff. Aloha Construction offers a wide range of construction services, from home renovation to roof repair.

Perhaps your roof has been destroyed by bad weather, you can count on Aloha to deliver prompt and effective service. The company also specializes in gutter system repairs. The company’s headquarters is in Lake Zurich, IL but with another office in Bloomington.