Why OneLogin?

OneLogin is an Identity and Access Management system that simplifies business logins while enhancing the security and efficiency of the system. OneLogin is used by businesses and individuals in workflow and various processes since it is a quick and easy tool. As a result, productivity is greatly enhanced without compromising security. OneLogin unifies all apps, devices, and users in an all-in-one third-party cloud-based system, thus making the identity and access to management quick and reducing the load of the Information Technology system. OneLogin’s identity minimizes traditional security issues that are associated with authentication, thus enhancing regulatory compliance. OneLogin system has the following benefits:

  1. Enhancement of the security

With the OneLogin system, the safety of the enterprise is strictly imposed in all the Apps, devices and users, regardless of the premise or cloud. The workers can obtain applications that are certified. Instead of updating changes on a module-by-module basis, updates are adjusted in the cloud-based system.

  1. Improves Compliance

The software develops consolidated audit for the activities and user management information, thus enhancing modifications and tracking access. Workers can get policy compliant app using OneLogin authentication policy. The IT team can follow and manage all the task in a consolidated dashboard. Also, administrators can opt to restrain the employee from using specific apps and develop Multi-Factor Authentication for added security. The auditor can file a report by clicking on a button to view who used a particular application and what time the action was done, thus simplifying the compliance reporting.

  1. Reduces the Expenses

As the identity management is enhanced, the system of OneLogin reduces the costs of identity management. The system relocates all identity and management access to the cloud, thus saving the expenses of operating and infrastructures. The company that makes use of OneLogin does not primary need to capitalize on authentication advancement, nor the price of managing and maintaining it. The directory integration cost and other services related to authentication are not necessary with the OneLogin system. The system also incorporates the cost of compliance auditing and other IT expenses connected with the application. In summary, OneLogin brings together user profile information and merges it in the cloud.

OneLogin enhances the efficiency of IT infrastructure, by removing the need for username resets, password, deep integration and shadow IT policy. It simplifies the issue of IT throughout the industries, companies and other enterprises.

Things you Need to Know About one Login

The one login company has highly transformed the way in which people carry out their daily operations while at work. The firm which has its locations in San Francisco has enabled customer registration accessible through their technologized I Pads that individuals can quickly sign in. The company’s software has seen a significant number of firms seek their services due to its ability to save time. Besides, it has helped to curb all the issues associated with the old log books and methods of visitor sign in and registration. That has streamlined operations of the company.

The services of the firm have become better through its partnership with Envoy, to enable customers to automatically get all their data updated faster regardless of the number of applications made. Besides. The partnership has also made the work of IT Admins easier as they can now update individual user applications faster. The introduction of the System for Cross Domain Identity Management (SCIM) has simplified the process of user management and provisioning. By synchronizing user attributes into the correct applications, a user can now accelerate the sign in process.

The firm is proud to successfully sign in customers and believes that through their technologized procedures, customer’s information is now updated and that they quickly get connected to their preferred employee depending on the kind of services they opt to seek. Besides, One login firm has also seen the security level in many companies increase due to the inability of former employees of a company to access data regarding the enterprise’s customers. Visitors also get to know whether their known employees are still available in the enterprise and as a result, they avoid seeking help to the base personnel.

In addition to that, one login always has a determination towards partnering with firms that share the same vision with them and looks forward to inventing better methods to make operations in organizations fast and easy. Besides, the company works towards coming up with the modern trends in the market to ensure that they revolutionize the old methods of visitor registration in the various businesses worldwide.

Talk Fusion: Transforming Marketing One Video at a Time

Technological advisements have revolutionized various aspects of life including the business environment. While these technologies are revolutionizing the business sector including marketing, there are companies that are transforming video marketing using cutting edge video application. One such company is Talk Fusion: a specialist in video marketing solutions, continually churning out innovations solutions through its production line.


Talk Fusion’s commitment towards developing the best video marketing solutions in marketing saw it being honored by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) with a Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for 2016. The award recognizes the company’s commitment towards developing technological solutions that improved communication in the marketing industry. The recognition of Talk Fusion’s eye-catching was the second time its innovative solutions were honored by TMC. The award-winning solution, Video Chat, is a marketing video application compatible with not only smartphones and tablets but also personal computers. The company’s management believe the app, which is downloadable from Google Play store and iTunes, is just of the many innovative solutions it has lined up along its pipeline.


Products and Services


Talk Fusion, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Brandon, Florida, is committed towards delivering high-end video marketing solutions for its client base. Their all-in-one video award-winning solutions are easy to use and provide unmatched solutions to their clients. The products and services are professionally customized to meet the various unique brands of their client. The company offers their clients a free 30-day trial before they can purchase the. Some of the products include video email, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings and sign-up forms for new customers and contacts. All their products, including its new website, are interactive. The company has partnered with Independent Associates to spearhead person-to-person marketing of its innovative video marketing solutions. Currently, the company’s products are available in over 140 countries globally.  Read more at PR News Wire about Talk Fusion.




Talk Fusion, through its dedicated leaders, is committed towards ensuring that the marketing endeavors of the clients are not only persuasive but also memorable and engaging. The founder and chief executive of the company, Bob Reina, is a two-decade marketing and direct selling veteran. Ryan Page, a specialist in management of information systems and accounting serves as the company’s technical officer.