The Effectiveness Of The Trabuco Machine As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

In as much as the weapon has been faced off because of the current technology, its application can never be forgotten in the history of the world. When the world records cases of deaths wherein hundreds of people were killed, Trabuco was the major cause.

Used in the primordial wars, the development of the trabuco weapon became sad news to the world. Facing off the application of the weapon did not erase the means of application from the minds of the people. The principles of its application have been heavily borrowed in the current technology.

The principles of operation
Trabuco was a very sophisticated weapon. The machine was used in throwing large weights, especially stones and fabricated heavy metals towards the opponents. On some occasions, the Trabuco machine was used to throw fire to longer distances when it was necessary for the war process. The result was always a tragedy according to Hundreds of people had to die as a result of the launch. The large mass to be thrown was located on one end of the arm. Several strong men were to pull the opposite arm so that the mass could gain a sufficient moment. Depending on the distance and the weight of the material used, the number of men required for the job could be up to 250. After the men released the arm, the mass could fly an equivalent distance of the moment created. The opponents could see the masses approaching but it is very little they could do to counter the destruction. Death was a sure result.

The application of the principle of the current technology
Currently, the Trabuco principle is still used based on There have been developments in the missile launching techniques since it was discovered. The launching of the missile is based on the action and reaction technique. The principle of the missile operation was borrowed from the Trabuco use. With several years of development, technology changed the ways of operation. According to, current guns, especially the heavy ones were built based on the action and reaction principle. The fact that the ancient machine is no longer in use does not remove the races of inventions that it created.

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