Bruce Levenson And His Non-Profit Initiative

According to ESPN, it was in 2014 that Bruce Levenson sold his team Atlanta Hawks. Post that, he surprised all as he plunged into the non-profit arena of the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland.

Bruce Levenson along with his wife seeded this initiative worth $75 million. Another $20 million came from the state of Maryland.

Basically, Bruce Levenson is highly impressed with the initiative taken by the Do Good Institute. This is something that is unprecedented in the field of higher education today. The Do Good Institute has the mission to reach the undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. It wants to expose them to volunteering and to non-profit. This way a new wave of business leaders and entrepreneurs will be made that will believe and adhere to the concept of non-profit and giving back to society.

Bruce Levenson ( believes in this initiative. He is also impressed by the extraordinary people who are leading such an initiative. But he feels that these people lack in business skills in order to take this initiative ahead. This is why Bruce Levenson decided to come along and help in whatever way he can. This is exactly why he seeded funding of $75 million for the Do Good Institute.

There are ample examples here of students who have been motivated and are making a difference as they move on with their projects under the Do Good Institute.

Today there is a rise in alternate courses. This is why Bruce Levenson feels that such an initiative by the Do Good Institute will be highly contagious. It will soon be followed by other schools as they see its benefits for the students and the society in general. He plans to create a template which makes it easy for other schools to follow suit in accordance.