Bruce Bent II and His Contribution towards Double Rock Corporation

Bruce Bent II is the Vice Chairman and President of the Double Rock Corporation. This is one of the financial technology companies that lead in providing the industry’s cash related and cash management solutions to the bank, retail markets, qualified plan and the broker- dealer. He is also a senior executive to the subsidiary companies and affiliates of Double Rock, which is, LIDs Capital LLC, Itrasweep LLC, Landing Rock Group LLC, Access Control Advantage, Inc., and Intellectual Property LLC.

Mr. Bent is an accomplished and result- oriented consultant and CEO with the resources and expertise required to make a big difference in navigating and impacting companies through different challenges. He has great enterprise leadership and entrepreneurial skills that can be used to build new businesses and also cut edge operations so as to meet the market, business and financial demands. Bent’s background in the knowledge and experience in intellectual property, technologies and financial markets has enabled him to seize any opportunity that promotes competitive edge, profit and enhanced growth.

Bruce was also the president of The Reserve before the 2008 financial crisis. The Reserve was among the world’s institutions that held money- market privately. In fact, it offered the world the second- largest money market fund. The Reserve is headquartered in New York and was able to give employment to more than 300 people in the nation. Bruce was able to diversify and expand the markets of distribution and product lines during his time. He managed to grow the assets of the organization in all cash from $4 billion to $130 billion in a span of 17 years. This was a great achievement that he will always be remembered for.

Additionally, Bent is a member of a peer network known as Young Presidents’ Organization that has played a big role in connecting almost 10,000 young people in the world who are global business leaders. He was also a former chairman of Manhattan’s Gotham chapter. Mr. Bent served the Scenic Hudson (a land trust and environmental organization that preserves, restores, and protects the Hudson River as a public natural resource) as President’s Advisory Council, and also in New York as a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. He was also featured in the influential book, Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.

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