Brazil’s Metal Scene Benefitted from Cassio Audi

Brazillian metal owes a lot to Cassio Audi. Not only did he help set the stage for the music scene in Brazil but he had one of the first metal bands that was popular in Brazil. This was something that allowed him the chance to improve music and to make metal a possibility. He used the influences of people who were in the United States and the UK. There were many different things that he took into account when he was working on different things for his band but he always wanted to make sure that there was more to offer the people who loved metal music.

Despite the fact that there was not a large metal scene in Brazil, the band became very popular. Cassio Audi had founded Viper and knew that the band would be successful if he did everything he could to make the music more popular in that area. It was something that made it easy for people to enjoy and something that made it a great new genre of music there. He wanted to show people that there was a difference in basic rock and metal and was able to do so through Viper.

Cassio Audi is now considered one of the most famous drummers in all of Brazil. He worked hard for this title and tried to always make his band the best band possible. He led them to success and kept them together when things got difficult with the band. There were many different ways that he could do things and try new things. When Cassio Audi did his best with Viper, it gave him the chance to make major changes in the music industry and make Brazil a place that had a strong metal presence when it came to the rock scene.

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