Wes Edens, billionaire, philanthropist and NBA team owner, successful finance career.

Wesley Robert Edens, alias Wes Edens is a financialist who has experienced massive success in his career including being a billionaire at a tender age. The genesis of his career was at California Savings and Loan before moving to Lehman Brothers in 1987, where he served as managing director and partner until he moved on in 1993 to join Blackrock. Here he was named partner besides serving as the Director of its child company, Blackrock Financial Management. Peers of Wes Edens describe him as a motivated professional who was goal oriented and had a soft spot for sports and outdoor activities. It, therefore, was no surprise that he would later purchase a basketball team, Milwaukee Bucks that plays in the NBA league. Wes Edens would later leave Blackrock for UBS, where he served as an executive managing director. Edens had gained enough experience working in high profile institutions, and he would partner with Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone to establish Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is the company that Wes Edens is best credited for its success. Fortress Investment is a leading international investment manager with assets to the tune of $40 billion under their portfolios. The company is credited for coming up with creative ways to turn bad debts, risk and non-performing assets, into profitable investment portfolios. Under his leadership and his partners, they would list the company at the NYSE, making Fortress the first private equity company to go public. Consequently, he would become billionaires in the company’s IPO. According to Forbes magazine, Wes is ranked #962 in the list of the wealthiest people on the planet, with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Under the excellent leadership of Wes Edens and his equally able partners, Fortress would thrive and receive international accolades, resulting to its purchase by a Japanese firm, Softbank in the year 2017, a move that Wes praises saying that it was mutually beneficial. Today Fortress operates independently under Softbank and he continues to serve as the chairman of the board and staff administrative manager.

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Robert Edens is involved in philanthropic initiatives and he mostly donates money towards health, art, and educational causes. He is fully committed to several charities including, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre, the Quincy Jones Listen up Foundation and many more noble foundations. He is also an avid outdoor lover and has climbed a number of mountains among them Pingora Peak in Wyoming and Matterhorn in Switzerland.



Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur and a visionary leader known mostly for his efforts in the business world. He is currently listed as the five hundred and fifty-seventh richest person in the world by Forbes magazine. He was a student at the school of law at Boston University. After graduating with Doctor of Jurisprudence, Randal Nardone settled for a career at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. During his stint there he was a partner and part of the executive committee. Nardone also holds a degree in English and Biology both from the University of Connecticut. Feeling that he had insights in the business world, he specialized in that area. Randal Nardone had a stint at BlackRock Financial as a principal.

Later, Randal Nardone took up a post at UBS as managing director. This was between May 1997 and May 1998. In 1998, together with Wesley Edens and Rob Kauffman, they co-founded Fortress Investment Group. The group had previously worked together in previous companies, BlackRock and UBS.Since the conception of Fortress Investment Group, Randal had been serving as a member of the management committee from 1998. Fortress Investment Group grew rapidly, and in 2007 it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange becoming the biggest private company to be traded publicly at the time. This proved that Randal Nardone and his partners had been executing their business plan well. In November 2006, Mr. Nardone became a member of the board of directors.

As of March 31, 2018, Fortress Investment Group was boasting of 40.9 billion in assets. At the moment Randal has been the acting CEO since December 2011 of Fortress Investment Group, providing expertise in structured finance and legal framework matters. Employees have known Randal as a man who gives opportunities to those who deserve it. Randal acts as a mentor and an example to those that work in the company. On acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank, Randal thought it was a good move. He said that this would enable an environment that would result in investments with returns. Softbank’s purchase of the Fortress Investment was influenced by proper management, leadership and a decent track record of the firm. Mr. Nardone also noted that the acquisition would increase the firm’s credit in public markets.He is also a director in a good number of firms, including Eurocastle investment, Springleaf Finance Inc, Brookdale Senior Living Inc and others.

Economist And Car Expert – Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is an economist by profession, and after his high school graduation, he joined Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in Economist. He graduated from the University, and in 1971 he was lucky to join his family in the family business where he gained business skills. The family food processing business had been in existence for over 16 years, and it was named as a leader in the delivering of fresh food. The food organization made their imports from America as well as Europe and imported to other countries mainly Canada and the United States of America.


In the 90’s and 80’s James Aziz was not involved in the food business, but he also engaged himself in other sectors including the banking industry. While still in the banking industry Aziz got another investment idea. He was able to invest and acquire National Steel Car a car manufacturing firm which was then owned by Dofasco. National Steel is a Canadian car organization and with the skills as well as the knowledge that Greg had he purposed to change the face of the car manufacturing company. Greg Aziz bought National Steel in 1994, and with his economic mind and knowledge, he was able to change the firm. Being involved in business, Greg was able to view the car business with a business eye and mind. During his early days in the company, Mr. Aziz noticed that the firm had strong teamwork and also engineering ability.


When Gregory James Aziz acquired the car manufacturing firm, he had a dream of making the organization one of the leading car manufacturing firms in Northern America. Mr. James worked hard to ensure that he has increased the number of staffs from 600 to 3000 and the number of manufactured cars also raised from 3500 cars which were produced each year to 12000 annually. Greg is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. Read This Article to learn more.


1It is because of Greg’s effort that National Steel is celebrating their 100 years of quality car manufacturing, engineering, as well as excellent customer service. National Steel Car was established in 1912, and it prides itself on being the only car manufacturing firm which meets their clients demand. They are responsible for producing customer-oriented fright of vehicles. Through the car firm, Aziz supports the Hamilton Community, United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, as well as Salvation Army among other charitable organizations.

End Citizens United Throws its Influential Support Behind Political Candidates

The clock is ticking as the 2018 midterm election season approaches and End Citizens United is ready to take action.

This November’s election is drawing much attention as government leaders and American citizens grow increasingly unhappy with current political leaders. Many political experts believe that this midterm election has the possibility to drastically change the landscape of the country. Political Action Committee (PAC) End Citizens United is already working hard to support candidates with a proven history of rejecting big-donor money and for supporting measures that will stop illegal campaign finance activities. Formed in 2015 in an effort to combat the landmark Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (FEC), End Citizens United is committed to overturning that Supreme Court decision while pushing its platform of campaign finance reform.

The PAC has already released a list of officially endorsed candidates. Many of these candidates are in the hunt to upset Republican incumbents, leading to high stakes in the political arena. A few of the candidates that End Citizens United has put their support behind include:

BETO O’ROURKE: Representing Texas’ 16 Congressional District, Beto O’Rourke has proven himself as a loyal supporter of campaign finance reform as one of just six House representative to turn away PAC contributions over his six years in office. O’Rourke has an uphill battle this November, going up against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

Randy Bryce Although still a tough road to hoe, the path to a spot as Representative of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District was made a little easier for Randy Bryce when the longtime representative, Paul Ryan, announced that he was retiring so that he can spend more time with his young family. Bryce’s campaign is off to a good start, with campaign contributions that outpaced Ryan’s during the first three months of 2018.

JACKY ROSEN: Like O’Rourke, Rosen is looking to upset a venerable United States Senator. As the current representative for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, Rosen has extensive experience in high-level politics. Rosen is now setting her sights even higher, looking to upset incumbent Senator Dean Heller, a politician with an extensive and disturbing history of being influenced by various special interest groups.

There are just a few of the candidates that End Citizens United is recommending that its supporters get behind as the nation closes in on what could be a monumental and momentum-shifting election.

About End Citizens United: www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

Gregory Aziz: A Man Of Power And Education

Gregory James Aziz is a man who knows business and how to get things done. He is highly professional and always raising the bar for himself and the company that he owns. His commitment to excellence and drive to pursue greatness sets him apart from most. He is extremely wealthy and carries with him a high level of class. He is very powerful and high ranking. If you meet him, he will never treat you like you are less of a person. He doesn’t care how much money you have. He will respect you and shake your hand like you’re a long-lost friend.


1Gregory J Aziz started out studying at Ridley College. He soaked up knowledge like a sponge, learning and taking more in every day. It was here Gregory started thinking about what his major was going to be and what he wanted to do with his life. He enjoyed attending school and was very well liked by all. He decided to keep going. He transferred to the University of Western Ontario. He had developed a taste for numbers and sales and discovered that he was quite good at it. He decided he would major in economics and see where that would take him. He graduated and after some contemplating, decided he wanted to join Affiliated Foods, his family’s personal business.


Aziz helped them be able to import and distribute fresh foods from more places than they had ever been able to before. They were even able to import food to parts of the United States. This was a huge accomplishment for them. Gregory was a part of them for about seventeen years before he finally moved on. He went on to work with multiple investment firms where he proved his worth to them quickly by exhibiting the knowledge he had.


His experience with Affiliated Foods as a business helped immensely when employers were choosing a new hire. They were able to look at his background and see that Gregory had what it took to take something small and make it truly successful. Greg Aziz moved on from these firms eventually saw the company National Steel Car in the year 1994. Running, albeit very slowly, the business was eventually going to go into the ground.


Gregory took it over and today it is one of the railroad manufacturing companies in the world. No one was surprised though because if you knew Gregory J Aziz, you’d know that is the kind of thing he is able to accomplish. He can take something that seems nearly impossible and make it look like the easiest thing he’s ever done. Refer to This Article to learn more.

End Citizens United Looks At 2018 For An Opportunity To Support Campaign Finance Reform.

End Citizens United is attempting to change the political landscape in a way that is sure to send shockwaves through the establishment swamp of the United States government. End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was created in response to the 2010 Supreme Court ruling relating to the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled over the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and in doing so, the SCOTUS fundamentally changed the future of the United States forever. The Supreme Court would rule in favor of Supreme Court and, in doing so, undo what few strings of regulation existed between dark money lobbyists and Washington politicians. The United States has not been the same since the 2010 ruling and End Citizens United is trying to change it back, bringing power to the American voter once again.

End Citizens United is led by president Tiffany Muller. Muller has been presiding over End Citizens United since they first opened their doors in 2015. Her tireless work has been geared towards accomplishing two primary tasks: getting more American voters connected to legislators that vow to support them while also trying to engineer a legislative change in the highest courts of the country. Muller’s goal is to use End Citizens United as a grassroots network in order to put pressure on the government to overturn the Supreme Court decision. However, in order for the Supreme Court decision to be overturned, there have to be legislators in office that are willing to give up dark money for the sake of the American people.

A closer look at the Citizens United decision revealed profound changes to the way that the United States government operates. Over the course of a single case and a few strokes of their pen, all of the ‘old rules’ of campaign financing were essentially gone. Donors would have almost unchecked ability to influence legislators and, in doing so, would be able to write the rules, so to speak. Examples of this political rotting were clearly taken advantage of by the modern Republican party as the Walton and Koch families immediately began to funnel untold amounts of money into the government in order to sway legislation in support of their own personal businesses. These are just the most high profile examples of corporate rot and political greed in Washington. End Citizens United is looking ahead to the 2018 Midterm Elections as an opportunity to get voters out in order to try and change things for the better.

Learn More: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00573261

Retirement planning, Chris Linkas on the case

Get to know the well-versed Chris Linkas, financial advisor and managing director of a UK-based investment group. He has held the position of Vice President at Goldman Sachs and RER Financial Group LLC. Being an experienced financial advisor, he dedicates his time to helping young adults by advising them on the benefits of investments. In America today, a majority of the citizens do not have enough funds put away for their retirement.

Having worked for over 25 years for top-ranked companies, Chris Linkas is an expert on the topic of investments. The young adults tend to procrastinate investing, saying that they will invest while they are much older. The future carries a lot of unpredictable events, and it’s much better for an individual to start investing as early as now.

At a young age, Chris Linkas got to learn extensively about investments. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Bowdoin College. From there, Chris Linkas began his career, and he says that he has never stopped learning. Investing at a young age gets one significant benefits from their investments. Anyone can invest at a young age, whether a civilian or a member of the military. Here are some reasons why it’s best to invest as early as now.

First, when one invests at a young age, time tends to be on your side. Unstable ventures offer the best returns therefore, one has time to recover if anything goes on. After that, you have the ability to invest in even riskier ventures (https://www.behance.net/chrislinkas). Secondly, when one constantly reinvests on their earnings, they earn compound interest that increases their rewards on the investment.

Onto the third reason, you develop steady spending habits. This is done by reducing expenses where necessary and also concentrating on your budget. The fourth reason is, the earlier one invests, the better your financial situation will be in future shared by Chris Linkas. Finally, members of the military who invest in retirement plans, for example, the Roth IRA and 401(k) are well on their way to a good quality of life.

Upwork A To-Do List to Help You Be Focused and Work Smartly

Upwork is a freelancing platform that allows them to get work according to their skills. But to maximize the productivity, it is vital to work smartly instead of working hard. It is the reason why most of the successful freelancers at Upwork are using a to-do list to help them complete their tasks smoothly. By creating an exhaustive list, you should be able not just to complete your tasks but also find time for other things such as exercise or indulge in your favorite hobby.

The first rule of creating a to-do list is to have it done the day before. It will help you start the task as soon as you get up and you will get more things done during your most productive time. Also, since you will have all the tasks that you need to complete before your eyes, you will be able to sleep properly at night. You also need to note down the tasks depending on their importance. All the tasks that cannot wait for the next day should be written on the top and then the ones that are a low priority. Also, it is best to remove the tasks that you know that you won’t be doing any time soon. Instead of wasting time on things that are not important, make sure that complete the important tasks only and not stress about the non-important ones.

Sometimes, it is not possible to complete all tasks by yourself. Thus, it is a good idea to delegate some of the work to others that you know would allow you to concentrate on essential tasks and the ones that only you can complete. Do not try to finish off all tasks on the to-do list quickly as it might end up compromising on the quality. Thus, think about the time you will need for each of the tasks you write down and complete only those. When working for Upwork, it is a good idea to take on clients that offer you high rates for quality work. It is one of the best ways you can maximize your earnings.

End Citizens United Embraces Progressive Candidates

The November elections are going to change the way our political system works for some time to come. People are tired of the way the current system favors corporations and they want politicians willing to serve their interests. This is why End Citizens United was formed and it’s the reason the PAC has gained so much traction. People like what they have to offer and these progressives are shaping the path towards something much greater. It’s no surprise so many people are interested in what End Citizens United wants to do. It matches the zeitgeist of the current day.

The success of End Citizens United is going to show people that big money is not wanted. Since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision we’ve seen a rise in the amount of corporate spending out there and everything that it represents. This has led to incumbents that represent the will of special interests rather the the public. In order to keep this from going on there is a need to adjust how we think about our politics and how we approach it. It’s time to get rid of the big money influenced leaders and produce a new wave in their wake.

The PAC is currently focused on the Big Money 20. This is a group of politicians who have used big money to get elected and ignore what their voters want. They are the most vulnerable to an electoral challenge because they happen to be situated in areas with a strong progressive influence. If enough funding and support is given to challengers, it shouldn’t be too hard to have them come out on top. That’s what the PAC is trying to do with it’s current approach. They want to make sure we get what we are looking for in our candidates.

Whether or not End Citizens United succeeds will largely depend on how people decide to vote. If people take their message to heart, it might just be the case that we see a new wave of politicians spring up. It takes hard work to get things to work the way you want them to in politics. Things often go the wrong way and it’s far too common to see people miss out on something they seriously believed in. This PAC has so much planned for us now. They are only beginning to show what they can do for the public.

End Citizens United info: mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/

Southridge Capital LLC- The Leading Financial Solution Provider in Connecticut

Located in Connecticut, Southridge Capital LLC is a highly diversified financial holding firm that specializes in offering financial solutions to clients including companies, small and medium enterprises and individuals. The firm is fully committed to providing its clients with a variety of innovative financial solutions in security brokerage, investment banking and advisory services for both middle and small companies. The firm’s most attractive attribute lies in its ability to personalize a financial plan for each client. It has an executive team that boasts an intuitive understanding of the ever-changing marketplace. Southridge Capital LLC has an unmatched expertise in curating effective financial plans for customers regardless of their industry.




Since 1996, Southridge Capital LLC has invested over $1.8 billion in growth companies worldwide. Having offered financial solutions to more than 250 public firms, the firm is awake to the multiple challenges that most growing companies face every day. Southridge Capital LLC has a professional and skilled team that is dedicated to consulting on almost all corporate issues.




Southridge collaborates directly with creditors to assist financially struggling companies pay their debts, hence increasing their creditworthiness. The firm’s financial structured is anchored on credit enhancing credit, securitization and financial solutions. Southridge Capital LLC has partnered with several players to offer reliable financial support to organization of all sizes. Recently, Southridge Capital LLC entered into a $10 million agreement with payment services provider ELayaway to help them craft a flexible payment platform that suits online shoppers. Southridge Capital LLC also entered into a $ 5 million agreement with technology firm, Elite Data Services to enable them offer innovative technological offerings in various industries.




Their EPA (Equity Purchase Agreement) program is implemented to assist companies raise capital irrespective of the prevailing market conditions. Some of the products that the firm offers include loans against common stock, convertible preferred stock and convertible debentures. To know more you can visit southridge.com



Southridge Capital LLC’s management team is comprised of five individuals. The firm’s CEO and founder is Stephen M.HICKS, while its financial controller is Narine Pesaud with Laurence J. Ditkoff being the firm’s Director of Research.







Southridge Capital LLC offers diversified and innovative financial solutions to businesses of all natures. The firm has unparalleled expertise in executing a personalized financial plan for each of their clients, thus enabling them achieve their financial goals.



Visit: http://www.southridge.com/about-us



See more: http://www.southridge.com/contact