Anime: Heroes and Stories Across the Genre


While I normally like sports anime, all genres of Anime has some of the deepest stories that are packaged in a media that reminds most of us of our childhood. However, you quickly find out that there is a depth of story and character development that you just don’t get from your old Loney Toon adventures. In exploring some of the best characters that Anime has to offer I think you will agree that no matter what sub-genre you choose there is something to explore.

Anime creators in horror spend a lot of time trying to scare you and even the heroes can give you the shivers. Alucard of the gender swap anime show “Hellsing” is his enemy’s nightmare made real. If Dracula, Blade, and Superman were in a lab and mixed and matched powers you would come up with this guy. He is a smooth operator who works for the protection of humanity, thank goodness, even it is just so that he can have fun destroying his enemies.


Science Fiction has many awesome heroines. You could go all the way back to the 1980’s to find one of the most beloved in Nausicaa of “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. She is a hero that gets sucked into a war, not of her making. With her homeland at risk and enemies on all sides you get to see this young warrior develop into a leader who has the heart and soul to save her people from destruction.


If it is a thrilling action movie hero that you are looking for then Afro of “Afro Samurai” is one you have to see. Once you get past the shock of hearing Samuel L. Jackson’s voice and settle down into the story, you find yourself engrossed with the richness of revenge and the idea that maybe winning isn’t everything.


Anime isn’t just one genre in and of itself, it is a broad genre that brings all the elements of your favorite live action films and shows you what you can do with a character and story that isn’t hemmed in with what can be done in the real world.



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