A Healthy Living with Herbalife Nutrition

Jonathan dos Santos from Mexican National team but a midfielder of LA Galaxy midfielder has been signed up by the Nutrition Company known globally as Herbalife Nutrition for the MLS 2021season, as the partner in nutrition sports performance, a multi-year sponsorship that is exclusive. According to the chief executive officer of Herbalife Nutrition, Jonathan’s dedication to nutritional values for fitness of the body led to their appointment. Moreover, he is highly committed to the community in his work, therefore, making him a suitable individual for the offer. Jonathan dos Santos took the offer positively and as a challenge for him to maintain a healthy life through working with the experts in sports from the Herbalife Nutrition and ensuring proper hydration so as to be able to win in the sports.

The partnership of Jonathan dos Santos with Herbalife Nutrition will give him access to the company’s sports products such as the NSF Certified which helps in optimizing performance. His introduction to these products was through his membership to the LA Galaxy lounge of players where these products not only help him in rebuilding strength in the morning and after practice but also has produced a product known as Banana Sunrise which could be found on YouTube. Additionally, the sponsorship offers initiatives for community partnership, initiatives for marketing of the company and education for nutrition in sports.

Jonathan dos Santos is originally from Mexico but was fortunate to join the Barcelona Football Club academy together with his brother, and with his established skills he was able to join the first team of Barcelona. He was named as an established midfielder in the Spanish league. Later, he joined his brother in the LA Galaxy team where their talents have continued to grow.

On the other hand, the Herbalife Nutrition has been known to deal with producing nutritional products to people in the world ensuring that they provide them with good health that will keep them healthy for living. The company has been in the business for over three decades now, therefore ensuring that which they creating met the client’s need thus reflecting back on their success. Its products are high quality with scientific prove hence safe for human consumption. Furthermore, they have a distributor with the support of the community for an active lifestyle