Jacob Gottlieb Stays with his Company until the End

Jacob Gottlieb is leading his company, Visium, into their closing days.

He started the company after working his way up in the finance world. His original goal was to be a doctor. He graduated from NYU’s school of medicine but after his internship decided he had more of a passion for finance.

From there, Gottlieb went on to Sanford C. Bernstein and Company in 1998. He was their buyside analyst covering global healthcare. He continued this for a short time at Merlin Biomed Group as a healthcare portfolio manager. This was short lived and he found his strength at Balyasny Asset Management (BAM) where he became one of their top earners.

He decided to leave in 2005 with his team and start his own company, taking with him about three hundred million dollars in seed capital to start Visium. At its largest point, Visium was a eight billion dollar hedge fnud with one hundred and seventy employees.

In 2016, the company announced it would be winding down due to bond mis-marking. Since Gottlieb was not involved he was not charged with anything and was able to continue his position as Chief Investment Officer.

Other key players are making their way into the world in different ways. Joshua Brown is now a senior vice president at Paulson and Company, a nine billion dollar hedge fund best known for bets against the subprime mortgages before the financial crisis of 2008.

Steven Ku, former COO of Visium is now studying for his Masters in Theology at Princeton University while working as a minister at the NextGen church.

Ron Belldegrun founded a healthcare startup that focuses on building and investing in Consumer Health companies.

Neetu Dhaliwal was a six year veteran of Visium. After leaving the company he worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 and is now a healthcare investor according to his LinkedIn profile.


Surf Air brings private air travel to wider audience

One of the problems that people who experience true private luxury air travel for the first time encounter is a sudden realization of exactly how much better it really is. It’s easy to convince yourself that flying in a luxury cabin stocked with fine wine and foods while sitting in a leather easy chair isn’t all that much better than enduring the cramped, loud and unpalatable experience of flying cattle class, at least not enough to justify the price. But for those lucky few who get to live the enthralling perks of private air travel first hand, it’s like taking a hit of a euphoric and addictive drug.

Surf Air is the first airline that was founded to bring the immense luxuries and conveniences of private air travel to a far wider audience. Surf Air delivers jet-speed travel times while only costing a fraction of what traditional private air companies like NetJets charge. And for regional air travel, Surf Air can actually deliver far better travel times than many other private air operators.

So, what is it like traveling on your own aircraft whose sole mission is your journey? The first thing you’ll notice is the almost supernatural increase in speed and efficiency of everything from boarding to takeoff. Surf Air contracts with local transport companies to get you from your front door directly to the aircraft, which will be waiting on the tarmac fueled and ready to taxi. If going from your front door to the departure runway in less than 10 minutes sounds like something out of a wild dream, then you may find Surf Air to be like participating in a real-life fantasy world. When your cattle-class compatriots are still finagling with getting their luggage on the airport parking shuttle bus, you’ll be looking out the window at them from 400 feet above the airport. When they finally board their flight at the gate, you’ll be on the ski slopes or eating in a five-star restaurant.

Complaint Filed to Rick Scott – Courtesy of End Citizens United

End Citizens United serves as a committee consisting of political analysts and advocates. Their movements have observed various actions done by politicians for the sake of the citizens. This time, they filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in order to file charges against Rick Scott. According to the filed complaint, Scott was allegedly using a “super PAC” in an illegal means to support his campaign for running as Senator. As of now, the coffers for Scott’s campaign is set at the $76 million mark.

The accusation of the End Citizens United against Scott includes the violation of the Anti-Coordination Law with the PAC of the New Republicans where Scott was the former chairman until he decided to run for Senator. This is where the super PAC decided to raise and spend as much money in order to support Scott in the upcoming elections.

Adam Bozzi, the communications director of the End Citizens United, states that Scott is more focused on running for politics than observing how the law acts. That’s why Bozzi concluded that Scott us using the super PAC in order to sneak money to bypass the guidelines for the election. Bozzi also added that this tactic lets Scott evade various laws such as disclosure of information and finance-related laws such as paying campaign bills.

However, Rick Scott denied all these allegations towards him. But there was evidence laid out by the ECU in the form of documents which shows and supports facts that Scott is in partnership with the super PAC. One notable proof stated by the ECU was that Scott was a chairman in the PAC during January 2018, as shown on the official website of the PAC. The ECU is also countering Rick Scott, despite being a Senate candidate as of now, as he is also an official who doesn’t favor the finance reform of campaigns. Thus, the ECU is determined to defeat Mr. Scott in the upcoming elections.

The ECU also wants to make sure that campaign contributions should be limited only in order to prevent any abuse of power and funds. This is an effort to change the rule of a 2010 Supreme Court decision wherein people can spend an unlimited amount of money to support campaign held by candidates. This unfair policy that lacked any transparency caused the ECU to be formed in 2015.

This 2018, the End Citizens United is in favor of those who are not using any dirty money for running campaigns. That’s why they are endorsing certain people who are also rooting for the campaign finance reform. Personalities for the Midterm Elections such as Beto O’Rourke and Elissa Slotkin are just some of ECU’s top picks for winning their respective seats in the office.

End Citizens United’s  Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

A Healthy Living with Herbalife Nutrition

Jonathan dos Santos from Mexican National team but a midfielder of LA Galaxy midfielder has been signed up by the Nutrition Company known globally as Herbalife Nutrition for the MLS 2021season, as the partner in nutrition sports performance, a multi-year sponsorship that is exclusive. According to the chief executive officer of Herbalife Nutrition, Jonathan’s dedication to nutritional values for fitness of the body led to their appointment. Moreover, he is highly committed to the community in his work, therefore, making him a suitable individual for the offer. Jonathan dos Santos took the offer positively and as a challenge for him to maintain a healthy life through working with the experts in sports from the Herbalife Nutrition and ensuring proper hydration so as to be able to win in the sports.

The partnership of Jonathan dos Santos with Herbalife Nutrition will give him access to the company’s sports products such as the NSF Certified which helps in optimizing performance. His introduction to these products was through his membership to the LA Galaxy lounge of players where these products not only help him in rebuilding strength in the morning and after practice but also has produced a product known as Banana Sunrise which could be found on YouTube. Additionally, the sponsorship offers initiatives for community partnership, initiatives for marketing of the company and education for nutrition in sports.

Jonathan dos Santos is originally from Mexico but was fortunate to join the Barcelona Football Club academy together with his brother, and with his established skills he was able to join the first team of Barcelona. He was named as an established midfielder in the Spanish league. Later, he joined his brother in the LA Galaxy team where their talents have continued to grow.

On the other hand, the Herbalife Nutrition has been known to deal with producing nutritional products to people in the world ensuring that they provide them with good health that will keep them healthy for living. The company has been in the business for over three decades now, therefore ensuring that which they creating met the client’s need thus reflecting back on their success. Its products are high quality with scientific prove hence safe for human consumption. Furthermore, they have a distributor with the support of the community for an active lifestyle


The General Outlook Of Talos Energy Operations

Being focused on improving their exploration and general production of the most important sources of energy in the name of gases and oil, Talos Energy is making the unreachable recoverable. Their current strategy that’s guiding their operations is the exploration, acquisition, and exploitation of the regions at the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast using their expertise in every single operation.

It is only at Talos Energy where they strive to acquire those under-valued and consequently the under-exploited assets and transform them to be valuable again. They use their team of technical professionals to assess and analyze their assets before they effectively deploy their resources in their exploitation and drilling programs. They are also not ignorant of the geological trends that may be related to their assets thus they keep updating themselves.

Recently, Talos Energy provided various details that revolve around their strategy, operations, assets, and financial outlook and guidance for 2018 and the expectations in 2019. The company has great expectations of generating some cash flow on a pro forma basis after their debt service in 2018. The same expectation and strategy are to happen in 2019. The investment in their projects at Mexico assets and US will continue as usual.

Talos Energy aims to produce 49,000 -53,000 barrels every day so as to hit the production projected sales volume of 18-19.5 million barrels in 2018. They project the expenditure to range between $430 and $450 million. By September 2018, they aim to have completed drilling the well at Mt. Providence while Tornado #3 should produce their very first oil by 2019. The report was presented by the President and the CEO of the company, Mr. Timothy S. Duncan.

They also provided the financial guidance for 2018 in their website. While looking at the financial guidance keep in mind that Talos Energy is considered as Stone Energy acquirer for easier accounting purposes. Also look out for any other adjustments they have noted down to avoid confusion.

In 2019, they project to have their first oil from Boris #3, to continue with their Asset Management program, and to shut-in the Phoenix fields. The capital expenditure of 2019 is expected to remain the same as the one for 2018 while the appraisal for Zama fields will be their focus until its completion in 2020.

Talos Energy’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/talos.energy/