Doug Jones Being Endorsed By End Citizens United For Senate

End Citizens United has just announced that it is going to endorse Doug Jones, a Democrat, for U.S. Senate. It has given a lot of reasons why this is being done.

Doug Jones is a former U.S. attorney. He will be running in the special election in Alabama. This will be against Roy Moore and will be held on Dec. 12.

End Citizens United claims that Moore is an extremist who has a bigoted agenda. Hence he will be defending a corrupt system in Washington. This is why it is important that he does not reach the Senate as he will be promoting their special interests while ignoring the everyday needs of the Alabamians. All this was announced by End Citizens United in a statement.

They say that Roy Moore has a radical agenda. This should not reach the U.S. Senate. He has an extreme ideology. This is in deep contrast to the values of Alabama and even America. While he was in Washington, Moore was giving the Big Money spenders having special interests much more importance than politics. In this way, Moore has been embarrassing Alabamians repeatedly. In addition, Moore and his wife have made over $1 million. This was from a charity owned and controlled by them.

This is why End Citizens United is endorsing Doug Jones who is known for being a man of character along with integrity. He has always been known to be a strong prosecutor. He always does what is right. He will be moving with the same commitment to the Congress. He will be able to unrig the system so that it starts to work for all Americans.

People of Alabama have been watching how Washington is leaving them behind. They are looking for reform that will empower voters. They will like to upend the broken system as it is prioritizing the deep-pocketed interests. These are ignoring the everyday needs of the Alabamians. Even Jones is keen to work with End Citizens United as he would like to curb this corrupting influence that Big Money is able to exert in politics.

End Citizens United has made certain other revelations too. They say that Moore is aligned with several special interest mega-donors who do shady businesses. These include the Mercer family as well as their close aide, Steve Bannon.

End Citizens United feels that the campaign of Moore is being supported by hate groups along with secretive organizations having dark money. He will only aid in promoting their causes in case he reaches the Senate.

This is something that End Citizens United will not like to happen. Hence it has decided to endorse Jones who is a committed person and understands the needs of the Albanians well.

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10 Years of Rocketship Public Charter School Education Program

Rocketship is a premier network of national no-profit elementary schools that particularly serve low income communities with affordable education. Rocketship was first established in 2006 with the primary goal of mitigating achievement gaps among students from various schools in the country. The school is highly focused in coming up with a sustainable and scalable school model to propel the performance advantage of all underserved communities across the country.

The main instructional model adopted by Rocketship is a teacher-led approach that is technology supported. This model is effective in especially in offering personalized learning experiences for students who come from diverse backgrounds. The model is also desirable because it emphasizes proper instructional methods while recognizing the diversity. Similarly, Rocketship actively engage parents in the teaching process thus enabling them to become responsible advocates for their children and community. By directly engaging its stakeholders Rocketship Education is able to offer favorable conditions for learners.

Rocketship has positively changed the society with their dynamic learning program. The education offered at Rocketship is however under scrutiny to make sure that learners reap most benefits.

Rocketship program has successfully been in practice for the last 10 year irrespective of various challenges. The program has proved the fact that personalized learning begins at home. As the pioneer of personalized learning, Rocketship has purposefully integrated technology to its array of learner instructions. This integration has enable this charter school to distinguish particular study need of learners and their parents. This latter dynamics have strengthened the relationship between instructors, learners and their parents.

The core focus of Rocketship is on elementary education, there is a rising need to continue the system to make sure that Rocketship graduates don’t get frustrated afterwards. Parent leadership program in this school system has fostered the drastic rise in education quality. Rocketship is multicultural and promotes diversity in their learning program. This inclusion is beneficial for learners to cultivate responsibility and empathy for diverse needs in the society. This program also cultivates sound mindset by actively involving peer-to-peer learning. Finally, Rocketship is seeking to revitalize public education by restoring the badge of quality and honor.

Glen Wakemen Is The Go To Guy For Startups

The Need For A Launch Pad

Startups are one of the hottest things happening in business today, but the difficulties surrounding them can be incredible. This is why the work of Glen Wakemen has become so important. So far, he has made himself the go to man for those who want to start their own business. He understands just about everything it takes to build a company from the ground up. Thanks to Launchpad Holdings, he can finally take his knowledge to the masses and give them what they need to succeed. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at

How He’s Changing Everything

The thing that makes Launchpad Holdings special is that this approach accounts for just about everything that can happen when a startup is in its early stages. Thanks to this approach, companies are able to find out what they need to succeed in the market without much of a problem. Glen Wakemen usually does just about everything he can to make sure everything from marketing to other minute details gets handled. His approach has proven incredibly successful in helping companies reach a level of success they wouldn’t have seen without his help in some way. Read more on

Where He Goes From Here

Glen Wakemen has certainly created something special with Launchpad. His software gives early businesses an advantage over their competition they would never have seen otherwise. Despite his success, he’s not going to stop expanding his business and building his software. He’s got even more in store for the business and he wants to do make even more opportunities for new businesses. This means he’ll expand the utility of his software and the base that it appeals to. There is always going to be a need for new software for startups and Wakemen understands the need better than anyone else.


Daniel Taub’s Achievements as Israeli Ambassador

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer, a writer, and an Israeli diplomat that served as the Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. Currently, he acts as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem.

He was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He attended his college education at the University College, London, University College, Oxford, and Harvard University. He served as a combat medic and after that as a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Forces’ international law division.

During the tenure of Daniel Taub, trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled. The doubling of business is the ambassador’s legacy for the four years he headed the Israeli Embassy.

A statement released by the Israeli Embassy reported that the four years Ambassador Taub took his post saw the doubling of the Israel-U.K. trade and a significant deepening of cultural, business, and academic links between the two states.

Sajid Javid reported that the total trade between the UK and Israel entered a golden era. More than 300 Israeli businesses set up their business operations in the UK according to the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce. The annual bilateral trade is over $ 5.5 billion as reported by Javid. All these are a confirmation that the ambassador achieved a lot during his tenure at the Israeli Embassy. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Taub is a UK-born who became the Israeli ambassador in 2011. He was a peace negotiator who traveled to Northern Ireland with his Palestinian counterpart to experience and learned from Ireland’s situation.

The former ambassador expressed his concern regarding the environment of some college campuses warning the administrators to ensure that people represent their views freely without the fear of intimidation.

The peacemaker defiantly visited Bradford in 2014 after a declaration that the city should be an Israel-free zone. The Bradford West Member of Parliament had earlier on declared the town as an Israel-free zone during a speech.

Taub said that he visited the city following invitations within the community and promised to use the visit as an opportunity to hold a series of meetings with faith leaders, councilors, and other groups.

The diplomat has held many legal and diplomatic positions in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He specializes in counter-terrorism and war laws as an expert in international law. He was extensively involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace-making process by helping with the negotiations.

He became the second UK-born Israeli ambassador to Britain. The diplomat got the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honoree award for his commitment to supporting young start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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Daniel Taub

Anthony Petrello Excels as Nabors Industries’ CEO

Anthony Petrello has served as Nabors Industries’ Chief Executive Officer since 2011. As the company’s leading figure, Anthony Petrello has gained extensive expertise regarding Nabors Industries’ operations. Since his promotion to the organization’s CEO, Nabors Industries has experienced tremendous growth with its share prices rising to above 180%. Anthony has fostered numerous healthy relationships with other investors in different segments. The involvement of Anthony Petrello with other executive personalities has contributed significantly to the growth of Nabors. The oil firm is globally recognized for its achievements under the guidance of Anthony Petrello. Additionally, Mr. Petrello has also been identified individually and ranked among the most famous corporate leaders in the United States of America.

Anthony’s involvement in the oil organization has yielded excellent results over the years. Nabors’ specialty is in the providence of drilling and off-shore services. Anthony Petrello has contributed to its expansion; and at the moment, the company possesses the globe’s hugest fleet of drilling rigs. Nabors Industries is operational in more than 25 nations with over 500 rigs located in each country. Additionally, Mr. Petrello’s outstanding management skills have attracted many investors in the company. The investors are impressed by Tony’s excellence in leadership that has overtime made Nabors Industries reputable. He oversees all of the firm’s operations under the umbrella of his huge roles constituting establishing strategic plans and ensuring the implementation of the plans. Additionally, Anthony Petrello is responsible for inputting the company with the constant workforce. As such, Petrello’s principal task as the CEO is to recruit hard-working employees whose passion is directed towards the attainment of success for Nabors and their recognition.

Anthony has been the driving force of Nabors towards its steady and impeccable growth throughout the world dominating its sector. His experience as the company’s leader is impressive as his educational exposure guides it. Anthony Petrello has a diverse knowledge regarding his educational background. He attended the University of Yale where he attained his degree in Mathematics. Later, Mr. Petrello joined the Law School at Harvard and graduated with a degree in law. As a licensed lawyer, Anthony Petrello uses his legal knowledge in the management of Nabors Industries on matters concerning Federal and international rules. The adherence to the regulations of the industry places Anthony Petrello in the top category of the most prominent CEOs of the country. Additionally, Anthony’s position contributes to the company’s implementation of policies that steer its achievements.

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Important Things about Education – What Smith Learned from Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded as a public charter school in 2007. California resident and early childhood educator Preston Smith sought to bring quality instruction to low-income areas that often didn’t have good teachers or educational systems.

John Danner helped bring personalized education to every student on a daily basis. He created programs and lined them up with devices students of all ages can use. Students spend most of their time in lectures, supplemented by no more than an hour of individualized lesson plans taken through technological devices.

RSED has eighteen location across the United States, all of which are in disadvantaged areas. The network of schools recently hit its tenth anniversary. Founder and current President Preston Smith has made public several aspects of schooling that every educator should take advantage of.

Solicit opinions from non-educators

Community members and parents often provide quality insights to the current state of nearby schools. Teachers and administrators need to keep their ears open to interested parties outside of those currently involved with Rocketship Education.

Convey pride of public schooling to students

For too long, public schooling has been associated with inferiority to private schools. While many parents and teachers recognize this, they shouldn’t hand down that image of public school to young people. Make students happy about their current enrollment, rather than sharing anything other than positive sentiments into communications with children.

Keep special students in regular classrooms

Lots of schools keep their students with special needs in classrooms outside of traditional settings. With Rocketship Education’s meaningful inclusion model, in-need students spent about 80 percent of each day at school in traditional classroom settings. Keeping students separate from one another, regardless of intellectual disability, doesn’t help anybody involved.

Teachers are selected to meet backgrounds of students

Low-income students have more behavioral and learning problems than those of more favorable demographical backgrounds. They perform better when the cultural background of teachers match students’. Other schools try to haul in students from various backgrounds instead of matching their teachers to existing bases of students, although this isn’t as helpful as Rocketship Education’s preferred method.

David Giertz and the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc

In his interview with WSJ, David Giertz emphasized on the significance of social security when it comes to saving for retirement. He argued that according to the recent research conducted by Nationwide Retirement Institute, most people did not have a proper understanding of social security matters. Thus, in his interview with WSJ, David Giertz insisted that advisors should come out clearly to talk with their clients about social security during retirement. He pointed out that in most instances when advisors fail to address social security in retirement plan, they risk losing their clients. For instance, David Giertz argued that 4 out of 5 people were likely to change their advisors if they did not talk to them about social security. Finally, he added that social security may lead to reduction of funds received by 40% of the anticipated valued which may cause a financial strain to the affected individuals in the long run.

David Giertz is currently the president and a financial advisor at Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. Some people call him Dave but he is properly recognized as David L. Giertz. Actually, he has been working for the organization for close to 4 years now. Previously, he served as a senior Vice president at Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. In addition, Mr. Dave had served as a vice president for Sales FI/WH from 2009 to 2013 as well as NF- Sales from 2004 to 2009.

David Giertz has over 31 years of experience with Nationwide Services Company. He is also a licensed broker under FINRA registration dealing with buying and selling of securities. Actually, he has an active registration with FINRA in more than 10 countries in United States. Lastly, David Giertz is an intellectual; Dave obtained his MBA from the reputable University of Miami. Additionally, he graduated with a BS from Millikin University.

A Nation of Givers

America has long been a nation of givers, where those well-off lend a hand to help the less fortunate.

Two such individuals are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Founders of Arizona newspapers the Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media, they sought to protect the rights of migrants by exposing discrimination under color of law by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies.

On the night of October 18, 2007, Jim and Lacey were arrested and jailed on warrants seeking their notes and the sources they used in their investigations about the Sheriff. They later sued and could have used the multi-million dollar settlement to enrich themselves.

Instead, they donated it to the journalism school at the University of Arizona and to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund — an organization supporting migrant rights groups in Arizona.

Throughout American, people are at work in organizations that support and promote the rights of the most vulnerable. These volunteers donate their time and energy to maintain long-established American values. They include organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The ACLU was established in 1920 by Roger Baldwin with the motto: “So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we’ll be called a democracy.” Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Baldwin, Crystal Eastman, and Albert DeSilver formed the ACLU in a time when the word of the day was “conformity.” Anti-war activists suffered in jail cells for the crime of opposing war. People of color were pressed into chain gangs for offenses like impecuniosity, vagrancy, loitering, littering, and disturbing the peace by talking loudly.

The ACLU was founded to expand the protection of the Bill of Rights to those denied its protections. The groups most unpopular, such as the Klan and the Neo-Nazis, are also the ones most likely to be oppressed by the government. Once the government can violate the rights of one group, it can extend its reach to others. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

From a humble beginning of a small handful of individuals, the ACLU has grown to over a million supporters spread across the country. Only the Department of Justice has argued more cases before the Supreme Court. The ACLU tackles the most complex civil liberties issues in order to protect all Americans from government abuse.

Sentinel AI-eCommerce Personalization is the Future of Selling

The first time AI was introduced, we only got to learn about it from a movie. Today, artificial intelligence is becoming the backbone of commerce, specifically online selling. Any business stands to gain a lot by taking advantage of eCommerce personalization using AI.


Artificial Intelligence is predicted to be the future of online marketing. Consumers crave the age-old experience of shopping in physical stores but with the convenience of online shopping. AI is the only technology that can bridge these two faster and with a higher success rate.


We are beyond the era of email marketing, explainer videos, or door to door selling. The fastest way to sell a product to a potential customer is by giving them an experience. And there are some companies that are already doing that.


A company like Sephora that deals in cosmetics has tapped into AI. Customers can download the Sephora mobile phone app and try out the company’s different cosmetic products on their faces. You do this by taking a selfie, uploading into the app and then try different shades of make up on the picture to see how it will turn out on your face. The app even goes a step further and suggests makeup colors that will compliment your skin tone.


AI has made it easy to personalize the shopping experience and the mobile platform provides a channel to make this possible. You can take a picture of a car, use that image to search on Google and you get all the information about the car, including its current retail price. Some clothing stores request customers to stand in front of a mirror and try out different outfits using AI technology.


Any business that has not tapped into this technology yet needs to start laying the ground works. According to ecommerce research, artificial intelligence has the potential of raising sales up by 6% to 10%. Companies like BrandAlley (flash sale website) currently enjoy 16% conversion just by tapping into AI. By the year 2035, it is projected that businesses that will have tapped into ecommerce personalization via AI will enjoy 65% profit increment. By 2020, about 85% of customer interactions will be facilitated via AI.


The truth is out; businesses need to invest in ecommerce personalization technology to stay ahead. Social media websites and social apps are now incorporating shopping bots that help consumers purchase products faster. Consumers want a personalized way of shopping while still using the convenience of the internet; artificial intelligence provides that.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Has a New Palette

If Lime Crime cosmetics could be described in one word, empowering would be a notion. Lime crime has cosmetics that bring out your inner vibrancy. With beauty taken to new heights, Lime Crime is unlike any other beauty brand with vegan and cruelty free products that outshine the rest.

This striking cosmetic line has goodies for everyone. Rich and bold lip sticks that glide on perfectly. Take your lips to a new level. You can go with matte velvetines, or you can go with a stunning metallic lip and every beautiful thing in between. Light up your eyes with bright and brilliant eye shadow palettes that will turn heads. Try out the new and super chic pocket candy palettes. These are sure to please with 3 highly pigmented palettes that include sugar plum, pink lemonade, and bubblegum. These palettes are just lovely with both a pop of color and neutral shades to suit any occasion. Don’t just stop here, get your highlight on girl! If you don’t have the necessary tools for your makeup, look no further, LimeCrime has you covered with make-up brush sets and pouches.

Lime Crime is a culprit in helping you stand out in any crowd. This cosmetic line doesn’t just stop with your face. Lime Crime wants to give you the whole package. With a slayed face, why not treat your mane with Unicorn Hair fantasy hair color. Take a break from the norm and seek out your unique style with these long lasting hair color shades. With more than 20 awesome hair dyes you are sure to find your perfect match. Now, what about those nails? Nails often make or break you. You can’t possibly kill it with your slayed hair and a beat face and have busted nails. Lime Crime wouldn’t let that happen. Check out the iridescent pop-on nails that give you life in just a matter of minutes. Skip the nail salon and try out these luminous nails that look and feel natural on your hands.

Now that you are bedazzled by Lime Crime step out and make your mark. Feel free to shine from the inside out with these cosmetics. Be vivacious, be bold. Release your inner unicorn with Lime Crime.