Sleep Specialist Avi Weisfogel Explores Poor Sleep And Adequate Oxygen

Sleep specialist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel ask, what happens if you stop breathing normally at night? The typical person doesn’t give much thought to that question. Breathing and sleep are two automatic activities that a healthy person usually takes for granted, without thinking too much about it. Normal sleep is characterized by regular breathing, which helps maintain normal gas exchange. But what happens if you stop breathing and your body doesn’t receive adequate oxygen? We now know that it is not only the quantity of sleep that is important, but also its quality; It influences our cognizance, our intellectual capacities and, in general, the functioning of our organs.


Disturbances in nighttime breathing result in poor sleep quality, but it also plays a significant role in our health. One such syndrome is referred to as sleep apnea. Obstructive apnea results from obstruction (partial or complete closure) of the airways. The body makes an effort to breathe, but the air does not pass. A large number of individuals suffer from this syndrome, but don’t know it. Repeated efforts to breathe often end in sudden awakening, yet the person really isn’t cognizant of what happened. One of the byproducts is snoring. “This is an increasingly common problem in modern society,” says Dr. Avi Weisfogel. It’s mainly due to the growing problem of overweight and obesity. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been studying this syndrome for nearly 15 years, since establishing his dental practice in Old Bridge New Jersey. He blended a practice that was devoted to finding solutions.


Why Dentist Became The Go-To Specialists For Sleeping Habits


Sleep Apnea largely goes unnoticed because people don’t connect the dots. However, dentists are able to look for signs, like bruxism for example. Bruxism is a disorder where individuals grind their teeth during sleep. It may not be a tell-all that says you suffer from sleep apnea, but it’s a starting point that signals the dentist you have a potential bad sleep habit. That leads to further evaluation that a physician wouldn’t pick up on. Thus dentists have become a backdrop for evaluating sleep apnea.


Avi Weisfogel began evaluating and treating patients with oral devices that improved air flow, and then went on to establish Dental Sleep Masters, which trained the dental professional nationwide on replicating his success.Over the last decade, a better understanding of the symptoms and clinical consequences of sleep apnea has led to more appropriate clinical screening.

Advice For Strengthening Online Reputations

A recent article by AdWeek lends a wide range of advice for those whose social media presence is negative. The article claims that there are a few different ways a company or business could be killing their online reputation, without any intention to do so. Social media has become a major source for consumer information and reputation. This online presence can impact a customer’s impression of a company or business, making it more and more important for that company or business to take time to create a positive online presence.

AdWeek’s first bit of advice is that the business or company’s reputation could be suffering because they are too pushy. This pushiness can be a huge turnoff when it comes to brand presence, damaging their reputation. Greater brand trust can be created by shining the spotlight on followers and focusing on sales and product promotion. Simply by taking the time to mentioning customers or sharing their content online can be an easy and great way to promote the company’s brand.

Companies also should not ignore any complaints made by users. This mistake can be costly for a business’s reputation. By taking complaints seriously, a company can receive many referrals. Many customers whose complaints were resolved are much more likely to recommend a business to someone else. If a company decides to ignore a complaint, they could lose the customer to a competitor and experience a bad online reputation.

Not monitoring online mentions is another bit of advice that AdWeek advises against. It is very crucial for a company or business to monitor their brand mentions because very close to 100 percent of people that discuss the brand online don’t actually follow the profile of the brand. Analytics tools can never be as accurate as manually monitoring brand mentions.

Lastly, the article advises against taking too long to respond to any messages sent to the company or business. Findings show that having a quick social media response can make a brand’s reputation stronger, with 71 percent of customers likely to recommend those kinds of brands to others. Waiting way too long to respond to a social media message will lower image of the brand in their minds and likely to walk away from the brand.

Social media presence has become more and more important in recent years, with customer reviews having the power to make or break a company or business. AdWeek’s article gives great advice for companies that are experiencing the change in marketing.


How Helane Morrison has served the Legal Sector

Helane Morrison is a qualified attorney who is highly respected in San Francisco. She has been living in the city since she started her career thirty years ago. Morrison presently works for Hall Capital Partners. The company based in San Francisco and has been highly trusted to for the compliance guidance that it offers. She currently holds two positions at the firm, which are general counsel and managing director. Helane joined the company in November 2007, and at that time, she had been appointed to serve as is the chief compliance officer.


Morrison served the Securities and Exchange Commission in different capacities before she got a job at the Hall Capital Partners LLC. She was hired by the regulatory institution in 1996 and served it until 2007. The first position that she held was being a director of enforcement programs. The commission put her in charge of all investigations that were being conducted by the San Francisco District office. She also served as its representatives in various undertakings that were being carried out in government agencies, media, business and financial communities, as well as legal matters.


In 1999, Helena was promoted from heading the San Francisco’s enforcement programs to being the chief of the district. She led the SEC division well during her tenure that lasted until 2007. Her responsibilities at the organization included overseeing all business regulatory issues, fraud, and securities law enforcement in the areas that were under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco District. The authority of her office was in the five Northwest States and Northern California.


The attorney’s expertise is useful in various institutions in the legal industry. She has been serving as an administrator of the Regional Parks Foundation. Helane also worked for the Hedge Fund section of the American Bar Association. She is a skilled speaker who has been offering guidance on matters such as compliance of private funds and investment advisors.


Morrison has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, which she was awarded from the Chicago-based Northwestern University. She later studied at the University of California and graduated with a Juris Doctor. She started her practice in 1984 and served as a clerk in the courtrooms of Harry Blackmun and Richard Posen. Helane Morrison worked as a lawyer at Rice, Canady, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin as from 1986 to 1996. In 1991, the firm appointed to be one of its partners. Another major role that she has served is being the director of the Bar Association of San Francisco from 2001 to 2004.


Vincent Parascandola’s Profession and his Service at AXA

Vincent Parascandola is a competent finance specialist who has been serving the sector for about two and a half decades now. He presently works as a senior executive vice president of the AXA Advisors. His position at the enterprise makes him in charge of hiring and training administrators, bettering the skills of finance professionals, and retention. Parascandola has acquired a lot of experience for the many years that he has been working for the sector. He got his first job at the Prudential, where he was an agent as from 1987. The firm recognized him as a hard working individual and designated him as the National Rookie of the Year.

Parascandola has offered excellent services throughout his career, and he has been appreciated as a top administrator in the past. GAMA named him as the winner of two awards, which are Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. Vincent has acquired a lot of respect due to his finance knowledge and he is a sought-after speaker. He has been offering lectures at seminars that are hosted by GAMA and LIMRA. Vincent Parascandola schooled at Pace University and graduated with a degree in science.

AXA is a leading international firm that has been offering reliable insurance services for the past two centuries. The primary proficiency of the enterprise is in finance, insurance, and controlling its clients’ investments. The company has been growing across the globe, and it has had a 14 percent annual growth in the past eight years. The main regions that enterprise offers its services are North America, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

AXA was initially called Mutuelle, and it began in 1816. In the past many years it has been acquiring other international companies, and this has significantly facilitated its growth. The firm is socially responsible, and in 2008 it started the AXA Research Fund to give back to the society. The organization has been supporting research undertakings that strive to address issues that affect the environment, people’s lives, and communities. The AXA Research Fund has about €100 million at its disposal, and it has facilitated about 256 research projects.


The Best John Hughes Movies from the 80’s


Anyone who grew up during the 80’s knows that the movies of that generation invokes certain feelings – coming of age, triumphant emotions and sometimes heartache only to have it come out all right in the end. No one could tell these kinds of stories like John Hughes who was synonymous with 80’s movies. The very best movies revolved around the protagonist who has lived a little, lost a lot, and in the end left the audience pumping his fist in the air. (The Breakfast Club, anyone?) The following is a list of such feel good movies in no particular order, brought to us by the man, who was gone too soon, John Hughes.



Pretty in Pink – tells the story of a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for a popular, rich, yet sensitive boy.



Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – one of the biggest teenage movies, this details the antics of a popular and smart high-school boy who decides to cut class for the whole day and manages to get away with it, while involving his girlfriend and best friend.



The Breakfast Club – takes place in a high school on a Saturday, where five students: the popular girl, the jock, the nerd, the outcast and the burnout serve detention for various reasons.



Weird Science – follows the story of two unpopular boys who use their smarts to create the perfect girl. Not just any girl though – think supermodel meets Frankenstein.



Uncle Buck – a good-natured, messy bachelor, not used to the suburban life of parents, has to look after his nieces and nephew during a family crisis.



Vacation – spotlights the Griswold’s and their cross-country family vacation with a few hiccups along the way to the Disneyesque destination, Wally World.



Christmas Vacation – this time the Griswold’s stay home and the grandparents, in-laws and cousins visit for the holidays.



Some Kind of Wonderful – the classic love triangle between the popular girl who becomes recently single, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks and his best friend who happens to be a tomboy.



Sixteen Candles – details the story of a girl who likes a popular boy in school, suffers one embarrassing moment after another, and her family forgets her 16th birthday making it anything but sweet.



Planes, Trains and Automobiles – follows the story of a man trying to get home for Thanksgiving but is plagued with bad weather, cancelled travel plans and a self-appointed companion for the trip.



So, no matter if you were a sporto, motorhead, geek, slut, blood, wastoid, dweebie, or dickhead, movies from John Hughes in the 80’s were indeed righteous.

Timeless ’80s Comedies


We have all watched a movie we thought was hilarious, only to find it fall flat a few years later. There are comedies from the ’80s that are still loved today. Some have even become almost cult classics.


One of those movies for teens is “Goonies” which was released in 1985. A group of misfits are in search of a pirates lost treasure in hopes of saving their home. The humor is high in this one and continues all the way through. The characters are very flawed, but so easy to love, possibly because we see a little of ourselves in each one.


Another iconic ‘80s comedy, though more for adults, is “The Blues Brothers.” A young Dan Aykroyd stars with John Belushi, both Saturday Night Live favorites. It is a ‘musical crime comedy’ filled with hilarity and the blues. Orphans, armature detectives and wanna-be blues singers, the duo sets out to save the orphanage where they were both raised. A great mix of music and hi jinks.


Often fantasy movies aren’t known for their humor; however, “Princess Bride” breaks the mold. The humor in this movie will be making you chuckle days, possibly years after watching. It is also one of those movies that you may miss some of the humor till the second, or third, time around, so it is worth watching again.  The crazy scenes make it one of the best movies to watch while tripping too.

So, whether you love pure comedy, teen comedy, or fantasy, whether you were alive in the ‘80s or not, these three movies will win you over to the lighter side of life.

Award winning Dr. Jennifer Walden has deep background and expertise in plastic surgery

Potential clients in the Austin, Texas area in need of an experienced, professional cosmetic surgeon should look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden. She used to practice in New York City, but moved her practice to Texas to raise her boys closer to her family – so she knows what’s important to you.


Dr. Walden is an award winning plastic surgeon who received her medical doctorate from the University of Texas. Following her residency, she moved to New York to pursue a career in aesthetic surgery under a competitive fellowship program. She became the Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, which is still one of the most highly regarded training programs for up and coming plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden also studied with some of the most prestigious teachers in the field of plastic surgery at Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, Florida.


An accomplished author and regular consultant for a variety of media outlets, Dr. Walden is a well known and well respected face in the world of plastic surgery. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a Fellow with the American College of Surgeons. Her expertise is wide and sought after by many, and includes breast implants, soft tissue injectables, and even celebrity plastic surgery.


The Facilities that are offered by Cotermar Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is a company that is greatly depended on by Mexico’s petroleum industry to provide marine transportation services. The main premises of the enterprise are located in Campeche, Mexico. The company has focused on offering offshore maritime services, handling oil, maintenance of infrastructures that have been established in the sea, and specialized shipping. The services of Cotemar are essential to a company like Petroleos Mexicanos, which owns petroleum sites in the sea.


The enterprise hires individuals who have sufficient skills to provide the services that it offers. It also pays its employees well and ensures that their working environment is friendly. All activities of Cotemar are run according to its top-notch standards and safety regulations. The firm provides that its employees work in a favorable environment and this has significantly increased its productivity. The staff members also receive various privileges and top notch treatment. They are provided with food, lodging, laundry, and cleaning services. The management of the company is free and can be easily approached by the employees.


Cotemar has significantly grown since it started its operations in 1979. It was mainly established to provide catering and lodging service to clients who were traveling offshore. The difference between it and other enterprises that offered food and accommodation is that the company was focused on providing its services away from land. The firm has been increasing the range of solutions that it provides over the years. It has excellent values, mission, and vision.


Cotemar is currently a proud owner of a fleet of uniquely designed vessels that are used in the shipping of liquid and solid commodities. It also has a boat that can process oil. The primary use of the company’s vessels is to link petroleum businesses with their infrastructures that are located away from land. Cotemar has been a leader in the provision of maritime transportation in Mexico since it was established in 1976. The enterprise grew over the years, and it owned a vessel that was similar to a whole hotel by 1985. The facility offed all the essential amenities that one would need in a hotel. It then decided to venture into specialized shipping and acquired its first customized boats in the 1990s. It presently owns more than 40 vessels that have offered jobs to 8000 workers. The employees are given accommodation in small cabins that are on the boats. The vessels also have food courts and recreational facilities.


Hussain Sajwani Is A Powerful Philanthropist From Dubai.

The Properties Chairman of the revered DAMAC Properties is the well-known Hussain Sajwani. He owns a realty group, branded DAMAC Properties, it is positioned inside the metropolis of Dubai, placed inside of the highly populated UAE, also known as the United Arab Emirates. The properties venture was established by Mr. Hussain Sajwani in 2002. This venture was made feasible when a legislative proclamation in Dubai stated that all foreigners could own any properties that are positioned within the Emirates. Sajwani’s venture, DAMAC Properties, is understood to be the biggest, most inventive private realty group throughout the desert country known as the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani is distinguished for his being a highly benevolent man throughout the realm of Dubai. He has made great use of, DAMAC Properties, as a provider of relatively two million desperately needed Arab Emirates Dollars, known mostly as AED’s, in an endeavor to get hold of garments for destitute children wherever they might live throughout the world. Citizens who have met Sajwani are aware that his vast gift will supply outfits to more than 50,000 deprived children.


A hospitality component was founded within his venture, DAMAC Properties, the unit was branded DAMAC Maison. At this location, DAMAC Maison fully customizes their services that they offer to the inhabitants within the roughly 8,000 living spaces, 2,810 more spaces are likely to be built inside of one year.


The opportunities that are possible from DAMAC Properties are linked to President Trump. This helped build golf courses within Dubai and brand those properties under Trump’s name. Sajwani offered an advantageous $2 billion agreement to Trump for some realty located in Dubai; even so, Trump had to reject any participation, as a result of his Presidency. Trump’s children, for example or his wife, have a absolutely no legal conflicts when it comes to realty contracts with Sajwani, or from applying the Trump enterprise name in Dubai. This fact was revealed to Trump, as he was dining with Sajwani. He pointed out that contractual conflicts are avoidable, if those agreements, were allegedly created with Trump’s children.



The Growing Importance of Comparative Law

Comparative Law is the study the relationship between various legal systems and an analysis of the similarities and differences between laws in each. The research and study of comparative law includes prevalent legal systems such as Socialist Law, Jewish Law, Hindu Law and Chinese Law. Comparative Law plays an important role in today’s well connected and globalized world, where there is a significant need for better understanding of international laws in an attempt to harmonize and possibly create a perfect legal system.

One individual who stands out in the world of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry, the-I. Michael Heyman Professor-of- Law and former Dean of Berkely Law. Professor Choudhry is a well known and internationally acclaimed authority on comparative and constitutional law, whose in-depth research addresses a range of issues in its study and methodology. He is also well known for his work on constitutional design to be used as a tool to achieve smooth transition from violent engagement to peaceful and democratic politics, especially in divided societies .  Click this related link.


Sujit Choudhry’s deep field of experience and vast knowledge includes advising on constitution building process in countries such as Sri Lanka, Jordan, Nepal, Tunisia and Ukraine. His current field of study is researching constitutional design within the framework of easy transitions to democratic rule from current authoritarian rule. His global reach and audience encompasses more than two dozen countries where he has lectured or spoken. According to, Sujit Choudhry has also published more than ninety articles, working reports and papers, including the ‘The Migration of Constitutional Ideas’ (Cambridge 2006) and ‘Constitutional Design for Divided Societies : Integration or Accommodation’ (Oxford 2008).

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the Founder of ‘The Center for Constitutional Transitions’, a one of a kind knowledge-based center that gathers support for constitution building. Sujit Choudhry’s extensive research and inputs into the field of comparative constitutional law makes him a leading authority is this relevant and quickly evolving field of legal study. The overall importance of comparative law has significantly increased in the present age of economic globalization and democratization.

Head over to and read additional info about Choudhry.