I Am Pleased With Our Securus Service

Securus has provided the finest prison calling service we could use, and I am pleased to see it in action every time we place calls. Our law office uses Securus every day, and we reach clients without trouble. I know we are getting assistance in solving crimes with Securus, and I have experience retrieving information from them. This article explains how Securus works in our office every day.


#1: What Does Securus Do?


We have clients around the country, and each of them cannot be found by driving to the jail. I am struggling to reach out to each client every week, and I know they need my full attention. Securus helps me give them attention, and I may move on to new clients when I need.


#2: How Simple Is The System?


We use our tablets in the office, and we speak to our clients with our tablets running on our desks. We need to know we may reach our clients easily, and I have done quite a lot of work ensuring each client has information. They hear my clearly, and they may see me when I am sharing visual aids about their cases.


#3: Getting Information From Securus


Securus uses a special recognition software that will capture voices of people who are in a criminal database. We have received information from the system that helped solve crimes. We are fighting the good fight with Securus, and I am pleased to know they are fighting to help make the world a safer place.


There are quite a few people who need our assistance, and each of much reach out to our clients to ensure they are cared for. Each of them must feel as though they are prepared for their cases, and we find them on Securus without lifting a finger.


Equities First – Specialists in Equity Based Loans

Equities First have the answer to borrowing for many businesses and individuals alike. They are the premier investment and loan company operating in the market today.Starting in 2002, equity first has laid the groundwork for innovative business loans for all types of credit and situations.Larger and more established businesses have the ability to access traditional loans through their banking institution, but smaller businesses and individuals don’t have that option available to them. This is the niche that Equities First has targeted.

Borrowers have the unique option of using securities as collateral to secure loans through EF. The equity lending program is not a new investment vehicle but it is one that Equities First has perfected and taken to the individual level.The flexible terms of loan provide the borrower with the option of using the collateral they already have in the stocks they own. In this way, the borrower will not have to liquidate the stocks they own or alter their portfolio in any way. By maintaining the position they have and being able to borrow funds from that loan for any purpose they use provides a new source of liquidity and flexibility that previously hasn’t been widely available in the past.

Typically these types of loans do not have the same stringent requirements that traditional loans do. The borrowing margins are much higher, the interest rates are usually lower and the funds don’t have to be used for a specific purpose. Moreover, the securities are returned to the borrower after the loan is satisfied. This allows the borrower to maintain the stock position they had before the loan.This is the perfect solution in difficult economic times when cash needs to flow freely and banks are tightening their loan requirements.This loan option is available to all Equities First account holders as a borrowing option. To explore the possibilities of this borrowing option contact your Equities First Account Executive today.

College Football For Everyone One Covers.com

College football is for everyone, and gamblers may bet on the games any time they like. Covers.com offers every game on the college football schedule, and the site was set up to ensure every player may place their bets easily. The schedule is listed on the site, and all the college football odds for the season are posted. This article explains how the odds for a college football game are set, and there is a look at how betting on Covers.com is simplified.

#1: How Many College Football Games Are Available?

There are quite a few college football games every season, and all of them are ready for betting on Covers.com. The odds for every game are listed, and any additional bets are listed under the game’s entry on the schedule. The schedule for the season is quite easy to browse, and it is listed at all times for all gamblers. The betting windows close during the season just before each game, and the site uses college football odds that were created in Las Vegas.

#2: How Do Gamblers Place Their Bets?

Gamblers place their bets on the site when they wish to make a wager, and they may check their accounts at any time. The accounts were created to ensure customers may check on each bet they have placed, and quite a few gamblers will place their bets on the site, watch the games and watch their bets at the same time. The bets will change as the games change, and gamblers who are watching their bets will see how they are progressing as the game develops.

#3: Which Wagers Are Available?

There are quite a few wagers available for college football games including the spread, the over-under, the total points, props and parlays. Covers.com may have many wagers open for one game, and players must ensure they have read about each bet before they spend their money. The bets may be difficult to select if the game is tricky, and other games are quite easy to predict.

The gambler who wishes to bet on college football will find all they need when coming to Covers.com. It is quite possible that a gambler will find a unique wager to place on the site, or they may use more traditional wagers to make money. Each bet is tracked on the site, and it will pay off each customer as they win.

Laidlaw & Company; a renowned investment bank

In the recent years, Laidlaw and company have had their share of lawsuits. However, the most recent lawsuit that has stood out is the lawsuit filed by the Relmada therapeutics. This is a lawsuit that was filed in December 2015.



For a long time, Relmada has worked together with the Laidlaw investment bank. The bank assisted Relmada with their business transactions. The relationship took a sour turn when Laidlaw published a press release following the meeting that Matthew Eitner and James Ahern held with the CEO of Relmada. The press release indicated that there was to be a proxy contest that was to be held to appoint new directors to the company. This is a decision that was not welcomed by Relmada. That is when they filed a lawsuit against the bank.



In Jan 2016, Relmada filed a motion that was meant to amend the complaint that they filed against the Laidlaw. The amended complaint included an additional legal claim that was based on the Laidlaw’s breach of their contract (the fiduciary duty) when they disclosed information that they acquired in confidence.



Relmada therapeutics is also seeking to monetary reimbursement for the cost and fees they lost from the proxy materials. The court has issued a restraining order against the bank’s principals Matthew and James.



The final thought



Laidlaw & Company is a well-known investment bank that has built its reputation for years. However, their recent actions against the Relmada therapeutics has made me question their business operations. Even though Relmada should have handled the case amicably, Laidlaw had no right to violet the fiduciary duty.



It was not the responsibility of the bank to seek a replacement of the directors. That was a violation of the independence of the company.



Laidlaw & company was founded in 1924 in Ontario Canada. The aim of the company is to provide investment banking services to different companies.

Anime: Heroes and Stories Across the Genre


While I normally like sports anime, all genres of Anime has some of the deepest stories that are packaged in a media that reminds most of us of our childhood. However, you quickly find out that there is a depth of story and character development that you just don’t get from your old Loney Toon adventures. In exploring some of the best characters that Anime has to offer I think you will agree that no matter what sub-genre you choose there is something to explore.

Anime creators in horror spend a lot of time trying to scare you and even the heroes can give you the shivers. Alucard of the gender swap anime show “Hellsing” is his enemy’s nightmare made real. If Dracula, Blade, and Superman were in a lab and mixed and matched powers you would come up with this guy. He is a smooth operator who works for the protection of humanity, thank goodness, even it is just so that he can have fun destroying his enemies.


Science Fiction has many awesome heroines. You could go all the way back to the 1980’s to find one of the most beloved in Nausicaa of “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. She is a hero that gets sucked into a war, not of her making. With her homeland at risk and enemies on all sides you get to see this young warrior develop into a leader who has the heart and soul to save her people from destruction.


If it is a thrilling action movie hero that you are looking for then Afro of “Afro Samurai” is one you have to see. Once you get past the shock of hearing Samuel L. Jackson’s voice and settle down into the story, you find yourself engrossed with the richness of revenge and the idea that maybe winning isn’t everything.


Anime isn’t just one genre in and of itself, it is a broad genre that brings all the elements of your favorite live action films and shows you what you can do with a character and story that isn’t hemmed in with what can be done in the real world.



Technology Moving Forward With Fashion

The world of fashion and the world of technology are not two paths that naturally cross in the mind. However, the truth is this is happening more and more often. The two are beginning to come together in ways that no one thought of in the past. This is because it turns out that the two can grow on one another and make each better.


Tech And Fashion In The Past


Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has many decades of experience in the world of technology and investing as well. He watches for trends such as the trend for technology and fashion to link up for even greater profits.


In a recent article he points out the fact that the way we listen to music has only continued to change and adapt with our fashion trends. He says that back in the day we used to have giant boom box systems. These same systems would be seen as ridiculous to have around any more. This is because we do not value the idea of carrying around something so large. Fast forward to today and you will see systems such as iPods.


Fashionable Music And What It Says About You


Something like an iPod is not simply a device to listen to your favorite music. Yes, it is that indeed, but it is even more than just the simple delivery system of music. Instead, it is also something that says something about you as a person as well. The iPod says that you get it, that you value the music that you listen to, and that you value the way that it looks when you are listening to that music.


There are many ways in which we could show people these things, but nothing gets the job done quite as easily as this one simple purchase. If you have an iPod it speaks for itself. Technology and fashion come together in a way that most others would not have imagined in the past.


Considering all of this, we can only imagine what is going to happen going forward. Things such as Google Glass give us a glimpse into the future. This is a technology that is already peeling back the stigma that had once existed about wearing glasses. Something like this is great for changing attitudes and providing great technologies all at the same time.

Life Hacks by Wengie

The Australian international YouTube star, Wengie, gives us some great advice about everyday matters in life. Here is a look at some of her best advice or life hacks. Let’s take a look at these Wengie inspired life hacks right now.


  1. Shave your clothing? What? That’s right, Wengie advises people to take a shaver to remove the knaps from their clothing once it starts to go old. A person will simply take a disposable razor and “lightly” (I do emphasize the word lightly) to remove the knaps from the material. This hack works but do not make your strokes too hard because you can rip your garment.


  1. Staple remover to change keys on a ring. Wengie suggests using a staple remover to open up a key ring to exchange or to remove keys.


  1. Remembering things is easy when you place everything in one location and underneath an item that you will not forget. Wengie provides this life hack so people can take everything they will need for a given day out of the door with them.


  1. Sleep on your clothes because it will force you to clean them up. Wengie does not like to fold her clothing so she suggests sleeping on them. This should force a person to fold up their items and put them away.


  1. Paper in the garbage. Wengie suggests that people put newspaper at the bottom of their garbage back to stop the wet garbage juice from collecting at the bottom.


  1. Scratching out the evidence. Wengie lets people know that they should write letters and numbers over any type of handwritten material that they do not want. Most people will scratch these out by placing pen over them. Wengie says to use the letters and numbers so it will be harder for people to detect what was originally written.


Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent alternative loan providers and sources of fast working capital during an era of the harsh economic environment. According to the company, the stock-based loans offer a hedge against the solution of the money and the problems associated with its use. The company has gained traction as the most acknowledged financial institution that uses stocks as collateral to issue the loans to help their clients meet their point of needs if they do not qualify for the credit-based loans issued by the banking institutions.

Therefore, the company has set its foot as the leader in the shareholder finance with offices in other parts of the world including South Africa, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and the United States.

Since the company was incepted in 2002, Indianapolis has worked as the headquarters of the enterprise. For all these time, the company has gained more than $40 million in assets and other alternative financial solutions. For this reason, they have developed a better working solution to meet their clients at their point of needs. According to the company, startup companies and individuals need to explore their funding capabilities in the world. As a matter of fact, the company has worked to develop a strategy to secure capital within reach of their business ventures in the market. For this reason, they will get the capability to counter the impending economic climate ventures. With Equities First Holdings, a business can work to secure fast capital to continue in business without struggling for the tedious approval process in the environment.

Equities First Holdings issues the stock-based loans as one of the most creative ways to secure fast working capital. There are very minimal restrictions associated with these types of loans in the market. For this reason, they offer a seamless way of securing loan and enjoying the profits and benefits of these loans. You don’t have to state the use of the money as a way of qualification for the loan. However, you are required to use the money in the correct way to ensure you get something to pay back the loan. With these loans, you can expect to receive one of the lowest interest rates in the market. While the loans are better than the credit-based loans, there is always a small risk associated.