Indigenous People Wiki Pages

According to Smithsonian magazine, Wikipedia includes very few pages on Native America indigenous peoples. Even when groups collaborate to produce content on indigenous artists, poets and writers, it is very difficult to get past Wikipedia’s rules on notability.

Wikipedia encouraged more content on indigenous people by holding an edit-a-thon in San Diego, CA. Previously, the foundation that runs the encyclopedia has successfully used this tactic to improve coverage of other underrepresented groups, such as women, and thinly covered topics such as life sciences or black history.

Besides content generation, key obstacles to increasing participation by Native Americans include lack of access to broadband and rules governing a topic’s notability that cause many articles to be rejected.

Unfortunately, Native American poets such as Esther Belin are still not on Wikipedia as no article has been written to cover her poetry. Her poem “Blues-ing on the Brown Vibe” commentates on the negative impacts of the mass relocation of millions of Native Americans and provides some insight into the lingering effects of being a forgotten minority. Here is an excerpt.

“And Coyote blues-ing on the urban brown funk vibe
in and out of existence
tasting the brown
rusty at times
worn bitter from relocation.”

Jeff Bullas’ blog details how having a wiki page can help a business or individual with their online presence:

* Adds level of prestige
* Provides an additional and credible website presence
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Wikipedia uses Objective Revision Evaluation Services (ORES) to try to filter out malicious edits. According to an Observer article, each edit is evaluated on two levels, including the likelihood that it’s a damaging edit and whether odds are that it was made in good faith. Bad Wikipedia revisions made in good faith are referred back to the community with the hope someone more experienced will help the editor understand the mistake.

In order to help navigate the rules and avoid endless edits, sometimes the best decision is to hire an outside service such as Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki editors understand how Wikipedia works and their writers can create a professional page that will promote your business or online presence and monitor your page to prevent false or malicious Wikipedia edits.

Talk Fusion Bonus Trip to Milan

Talk Fusion, a leader in video marketing solutions for small business, has announced that an all expense paid trip to Milan will be another incentive for their independent associates. The luxury vacation “Destination: Milan” will take place December 2017 and Bob Reina, along with his leadership team, hopes it acts as motivation.


Milan is a beautiful destination, which is well known for being a fashion capital. The associates will have choices of Italian cuisine and beautiful sights to enjoy. Talk Fusion will fly the associate and their spouse there first class with hotel accommodations.


Talk Fusion has been known for their grand incentives. They hope to motivate their employees. In years past, vacations to Maui, Tampa, Orlando, and Dubai were offered. Other prizes included Rolex watches, Benz, and diamond rings. Reina fully believes in giving both his clients and his associates “the best of the best.”


The Milan trip incentive will included current employees of Talk Fusion as well as future. These associates, which span over 140 countries, will participate in the company’s first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. To go to Milan, the requirement is to reach the level of “Diamond” no later than October 2017. Maui, Hawaii will be offered in June.


Talk Fusion, a video marketing solutions company, offers video chat and other solutions for their clients to connect easily. They offer video chat, video email, and video newsletter among so much more! Reina started his company to make sure that people could connect easily anywhere at anytime. The award winning video chat proves he is meeting that goal.

Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is the part of finance that deals with helping companies raise capital and increase the value of its stock. Whenever a company is looking to acquire more assets and make itself more valuable, it will often seek the services of an investment banking firm. The most common type of investment banking deal is a merger and acquisition. This is the process in which one company acquires another one. As a result, the two companies combine resources to form one new company. Investment banking firms help facilitate these deals by analyzing economic information as well as organizing legal agreements.

While most investment banking firms help large companies increase their capital, there are small boutique investment banking firms that assist small companies and individuals. With these firms, a number of small companies are able to get financing to start up and expand their businesses. They are also able to get assistance with managing their money as well. Along with helping small businesses, boutique investment banking firms also help individuals with retirement planning and wealth management. As a result, these boutique investment banking firms serve the needs of the common individual.

Boutique investment banking firms are often owned by individuals such as Martin Lustgarten. He currently owns and operates a small investment banking firm in Florida that helps individuals and businesses. Since there are a number of small start up companies that are in need of capital, Martin will often refer these companies to funding sources that he knows of. As a result, these start up companies will be able to get the financial resources they need in order to reach their full potential.

As well as working with small companies, Martin also helps many individuals who are in need of wealth management and advisory services. Lustgarten spends time with individual clients to help them experience more success with their investing. On a regular basis, Martin keeps track of the financial markets and analyzes a number of securities that can help his clients get the most for their money. He then recommends a number of investment options that help these individuals their financial goals such as retirement and also saving for a college education.


Christanna Bevin: Project Management Specialist

Christanna Bevin, also known as Chris Bevin-Tubman, has proven herself in a handful of companies to be an accomplished and exceptional employee, who is currently based in Brisbane, Australia.

Putting her Master of Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business to good use, she has already been an asset to various well-known businesses with impressive titles such as Project Services Manager, Site Administrator, Senior Project Controls Manager, Contracts Administrator, Cost Engineer, Project Controls Manager, and others.

Christanna Bevin’s background has been using her project management capabilities in commercial and administration roles in the resource, construction, and utility sectors. Her accomplishments have been in the areas of project planning, project engineering, change management, process improvement, project controls, capacity building, procurement, proper money management, employee hiring, problem solving, and more.

Project management teams discuss ideas every day and seek techniques that will increase the overall capacity. The budget for a large project may number in the millions of dollars, and the monetary responsibility is placed in the care of the manager for distribution. Bevin creates a budget for every such project, with some in the millions of dollars. If all the available funds are not used, and her projects often come in under budget, she holds back the extra money in case it is needed for future expenses.

A project manager must have the art of managing people and resources properly and create a team of exceptional and well-chosen staff that will be extremely productive and get along well.

Bevin is a member of both the Project Management Institute and the Australian Institute of Project Management, and the Some of her top skills include project control, contract management, commissioning, and procurement. She has truly outshone herself in every aspect of her field.