Nutrimost Drops Lawsuit on Healthy Living

A company called Healthy Living is getting sued by Nutrimost. Both of these companies are weight loss companies, but only one is the original. The original is Nutrimost.

Nutrimost is a company that promises it can help individuals with excess weight lose between 20 and 45 pounds within only 40 days. They also say that there will be no hormones, drugs, exercise, surgery or prepackaged meals involved. There won’t even be hunger!

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

The unfortunate situation between these two companies is that Healthy Living actually stole a promotional video from the Nutrimost website. They have been forced to take the video down, but while it was up, it was obvious that it was a copy. Only the names were changed. Now, Nutrimost wants $300,000 as a settlement for loss of reputation and goodwill.

I’ve Been Successful With Nutrimost

Many people who read the things I write know that I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember, and actually, using Nutrimost was the only thing that ever helped me. 

Of course, I was skeptical, but I am no longer skeptical! In the end, my goal was to lose 30 pounds, and I was only ever able to lose 20 at the most in the past. After I did lose 20 pounds one or two times, I always gained it back.

But now, I’ve lost 35 pounds, and I look better than ever! It’s all thanks to Nutrimost. The program does not use any type of surgery, prepackaged meals or hormones. You don’t even have to exercise. It’s the perfect program for someone who has been overweight and struggling for a long time. I’m so glad I found it!

Goettl Air Conditioning Charitable Deeds in Las Vegas

Due to its location in a desert, Las Vegas records among the hottest summers in the world. The high temperatures can be dangerous especially to the elderly people as they react differently to extreme heat. The CDC maintains that most people suffer from chronic medical conditions at old age making them react differently from heat.

Many Las Vegas residents rely on their air conditioners to cool their houses and cabins during summer. However, systems in most of Las Vegas homes were old and weary implying that maintaining them and aligning them with the modern technology could be quite costly if not impossible.

Jean Jackson, a Las Vegas veteran, had problems with her two old air conditioning units. The elderly woman depended on the two small units to cool her house during the brutal summer.

Jean knew that her old system needed a lot of money to be repaired or replaced. This was money she could not afford since she lives on a pension. While she admits that she knows the dangers of extreme heat, as she had been admitted to the hospital before suffering from a heatstroke, she still valued the independence she enjoyed while living in her cabin.

Paramedics had advised her that, in the event her air-conditioning broke down, she should relocate to a nursing home or risk another heatstroke.

Goettl Air Conditioning and its owner Ken Goodrich heard about the devastating news and decided to offer a helping hand. Alongside its Sibling Company, The Sunny Plumber, Goettl reached out to the social welfare at Clark County who helped the firm reach Ms. Jean Jackson.

Sunny Plumbers fixed Ms. Jean Jackson’s water system while Goettl and Daikin-Goodman Global made a customized small split air conditioning unit for the home. The new system is capable of cooling the house during the summers and warm it when winter comes.

Mr. Goodrich believes that it is the moral responsibility of businesses to look after their communities and offer assistance to the less fortunate in any community. Three sister companies of Mr. Goodrich’s group of companies came together to help the old woman.

Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939 and has survived major transformations that have occurred in the industry. The company has a highly experienced leadership and a highly skillful and trained team of technicians.

The company has expertise in repair and maintenance of cooling, heating, and air conditioning systems.


Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Dick DeVos: A World Class Philanthropist with an Amazing Life Story

Like me, many of you have probably head of the Amway Corporation. This business has been around for decades and has continued on a path to success. This track record of being so successful and popular got me wondering about the founders of the company. Who started Amway? It turns out that Richard DeVos, Sr. co-founded the company with Jay Van Andel. Amway has been distributing household, health and personal care products ever since. These days, though, Dick DeVos, is the CEO of the company. Dick is the son of Richard and has a very interesting history in the business world.

I learned that Dick DeVos actually started working in the family business back in 1974. He had various roles and titles during his time with the company. That hard work paid off, and Dick became the VP of Operations for the company in 1984. He headed up efforts to grow operations in 18 different countries. He did so successfully, and then moved on to a new business called the Windquest Group not too long after leaving Amway.

By the time 1993 rolled around, Dick came back to Amway and succeeded his father as the president. He is currently involved with Amway, and has other efforts that he pursues as well. I was surprised to learn that he actually spent some time in politics, having run for Governor of Michigan back in 2006. They say that behind every successful man there is a great woman. In Dick’s case that great woman is his wife Elizabeth. She comes from a family with a track record for success in the private security industry. Together, Dick and Elizabeth have four kids.

Dick and his wife are also big believers in helping out charitable causes. They started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation (Elizabeth is commonly known as Betsy) to help drive their charitable efforts. This foundation has been an important source for funding for several educational causes and also contributes money to Michigan charities and causes that are near and dear to the DeVos’ hearts. After learning so much about Dick DeVos and his family, it is easy to understand why this man and his family are considered among the most giving of all wealthy families in the United States.