ClassDojo Company’s Success in Edtech Products

Learning has become more interesting to many students nowadays, thanks to Edtech companies which have designed various learning tools. Many investors have also shown their interest in this industry going by the number of start-ups coming up every other day. Edtech learning products do not only make learning enjoyable for the kids, but also makes it very easy for the educators to pass the information across.

This entails lots of role-paying amongst the kids, something that makes them long for school. One main edtech company that has taken the market with a storm is the ClassDojo. The company has managed to transform the conventional aura of classrooms to a more fun and happier place. In addition, their products have managed to bring a closer connection between the teachers, kids and their parents. This cohesiveness is very crucial especially at the early stages of child’s development.

It is therefore very crucial to ensure the products purchased are not only meant to create a short time effect. Instead, the products should ensure a complete improvement in the students’ performance. It is for this reason that it’s very important to consult educators who clearly understand what is indeed necessary.

One which meets the purpose

One of the main considerations by the educators when ordering these products is the ability to solve real life problems. Class Dojo has products designed to ensure a positive change in the student’s culture. This is achieved by imparting some soft skills such as showing kindness, offering a helping hand and so on. It is actually estimated that at least 59% of educators believe the tools used do actually meet the designated purpose.

Validated tools

With the help of edtech accelerators, the entrepreneurs are now able to release tools that have not only been tested but also proven appropriate for use. The ClassDojo entrepreneur has their products approved for use by students, hence ensuring the value for money. The tools are also able to build a child’s imaginative aspect as it enables the students to share their work with added photos and videos. This has been a great feature since it keeps the students engaged and in close relation with each other.

The Business Vision of OSI Group

The OSI Group is a good example of how a business goes from local to global but still retains that local nature wherever it may set up operation around the world. The local nature of the business can be noticed in the company’s respect towards the business regulations in the different countries and continents, as well as in the efforts to become a part of the community and get to know the various audiences of OSI Group.

Over the years, the company os OSI Group has started operating in a variety of different countries and almost on all continents. In fact, the business has more than fifty facilities across seventeen nations. Over the past twenty years, OSI Group has started having an active presence in Chine as the market in the country is one of the most promising ones for businesses such as OSI Group. The company has erected a number of plants in the country and is planning on establishing more factories and processing plants in the future

The company of OSI Group has its main building standing in the city of Aurora, the state of Illinois. The OSI Group is one of the largest privately held corporations in the United States of America. The company has achieved leadership in its line of work as a premier global supplier of food solutions. OSI Group works with some of the most famous foodservice brands in the world such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s, Subway, and many more.

The OSI Group has grown to operate through 65 facilities and have 20 000 employees in as many as 17 countries. The business has been enforcing a strategy based on quality and food safety, That and their global reach has made the company a strong leader in its line of work for decades.

The growth of the company is mainly due to the leadership of Mr. Sheldon Lavin who has been acting as the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. Mr. Sheldon Lavin became a part of the company back in 1970. The OSI Group was known as Otto & Sons at the time and was a family company working as a butcher on a corner street in Illoins.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have received a number of awards including the Global Visionary Award. Mr. Lavin’s vision for the future is to continue the expansion of OSI Group.

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Waiakea Water: The Unicorn of the Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is making waves in the bottled water industry. The industry, which is known as being a bit stagnant and resistant to change, is facing pressure from consumers to get a bottled water that is truly sustainable. While many companies are attempting to go a bit greener, the eco-friendly change wasn’t coming soon enough for consumers who are turning to reusable canteens.

Waiakea Water is announcing the launch of a water bottle that is actually sustainable, meaning people everywhere are waiting with baited breath for it to hit store shelves. The packaging itself will be completely biodegradable in a feasible time span. While many water bottles claim to be biodegradable, it simply means that they will degrade within 15,000 years. The company is the brainchild of Ryan Emmons who started the company when he was just 22 years old, also frustrated by the lack of eco-friendly water bottles. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Just a few short years later, Waiakea is the company to watch in the bottled water industry. Even the most established companies are starting to see the startup as a real competitor. It is truly the unicorn of the bottled water industry. Consumer desire for Waiakea’s sustainable packaging and socially conscious approach to business has set a new benchmark. The old dogs of the industry will either need to shape up to meet the demand of socially conscious consumers or ship out.

Waiakea has seen a stunning 4,000% growth since its founding a few short years ago. The company is now selling over 122,000 cases each year compared to around 2,000. Waiakea currently has a valuation of $10 million. The company is being courted by many of the major distributors as fans clamor for it to come to the shelves of their local grocery. Visit BevNet to know more.

Volcanic water is unlike any other. The water itself comes from both melting snow and rain that collects on the peak of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The water travels over 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. During its travels the water picks up natural minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals are great for your skin, hair and bones. The water also becomes very alkaline.

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With the progression of technology, many people are indulging in online retail. One of the fashion firms that has benefited mainly from the online sales is Techstyle fashion group. Well skilled leaders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler head the company. In the year 2012, its online site had about six million members. The members significantly affected their sales with the business selling over 2.5 million pairs of shoes in the first quarter of that year. In this article, we will intensely look at this retail industry and its leaders.

Techstyle fashion group

The fashion group was launched in 2010 by just fab as a membership program for footwear. The first members of this group were given a discount of 30% off the retail prices. They also gave these subscribers free shipping and loyalty reward points. The incentives worked and in about two years, the site had added approximately 6 million members. It then assimilated the fabkids and shoe dazzles. The retail industry has extended to other six countries. The countries include U.K., Germany among others. The company has advanced with the advancement of technology making it one of the best fashion retail, which is using data science and membership commerce. These features led to its rebranding to Tech style in 2016. Technology has assisted it in marketing and product selection enhancing its productivity.

The spearheads of Tech style fashion group

Who are the leaders of the techstyle group bringing it this success? The growth of the tech style fashion group has been attributed to its spearheads Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who have exceptional talents in e-commerce. Adam career in business started when he was 13 years old. He came up with an online bulletin board, which he later developed, to a gaming website. When he was 17, he sold the website to my space parent firm. He then joined intermix at the age of 19 where he was given the position of COO despite his young age. He made use of e-commerce, which helped in spawning other companies such as Just Fab and Dermstore. Today he is the Co – CEO of tech style presiding over data, marginal systems, and marketing.

Don, on the other hand, is the creator of e-commerce and online space. He has a wide range of successful commerce ventures. They include the business fitness and MySpace parent company. He has also been a co-founder of skincare brand Hydroderm. He then joined Adam to form intelligent beauty, which led to the creation of Techstyle fashion group. Today he governs the talent, vision and customer experience sectors in this firm.


In conclusion, Techfirm has greatly grown thanks to its leaders Adam and Don. These leaders have significant technological and business skills.

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Capitalizing on Logan Stout’s IDLife as an Extra Source of Income

Many adults have turned their lives during the recent economic downtime. During this time, the people who have assimilated better business growth are those who made ends meet through securing various jobs in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why we must achieve our intentions before we end up activating our future goals. For this reason, we must end up in the best shoes to achieve the desired accredited capability. If we must achieve the best for our accredited investors, we must never forsake the meaning of love. This is the essence of investment. We often invest for the sake of our future.

Working during the normal hours on a normal working session may not yield the desired goals for your future. This is the reason why different people are looking towards making the world a safer place to achieve the desired goals. During this economic situation, a normal person will not get the best benefits if they do not activate the intended accreditation capabilities with their intentions in life. For this reason, they may end up generating an accrued income with minor restrictions. A normal job lasting 40 hours a week may not last you as long as you need. Therefore, you need to make more money before you enter the new phase of development.

The most effective way of understanding life is by working towards meeting your goals through your strength. Many people are looking forward to achieving the best with the most unparalleled credentials in life. Perhaps this is the reason why we can accredit our accepted paranormal. According to IDLife, a normal person will not work better than one who has enough body nutrients in their bloodstream. This is because a balanced body has the capability of carrying out its functions in a manner that sets it apart from the industry. According to IDLife, two identical people are never the same. When you look at the financial point of view of the people, you will never achieve these capabilities if you are not willing to sacrifice the few coins you have for the sake of a brighter future in health,

IDLife is a health company that seeks to become part of your nutrient solution through the issuance of personalized supplements. The company will analyze your body before they issue you the best nutrients to take care of your entities. Perhaps this is the reason why the company is looking forward towards developing a new supplement portfolio.

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The Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is worldly known for his expertise in the finance industry. Before engaging himself in the financing world, Cassio used to be a musician. He performed from the early 1980’s to early 1990’s. He mainly focused on two genres (rock and pop). During his career as a musician, Cassio Audi produced two major albums. These albums were Krillera Sword (released in 1985) and Soldiers of Sunrise (released in 1987). Additionally, he also produced many songs such as knights of destruction, killers, and Wings of the Evil. Also, other songs that Cassio Audi produced include signs of the night, the whispers, and many more. Cassio Audi was a remarkable artist who performed in a band known as the Viper. He performed with the group from 1985 to 1987.

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian citizen. He is an icon in every right. Cassio together with other heavy metal drummers influenced the process of accomplishing an unprecedented massive sound. He is recognized globally as the heavy metal drummer who played a crucial role in forming and uniting the Viper band which is a well-known heavy metal group in Brazil. Currently, many people prefer him being the heavy metal star rather than being an investor, a specialist in the finance industry, or the capitalist professional who was acknowledged by the Sao Paulo University for his key part in making the Latin America market available. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Cassio Audi was able to bring other musicians like Andre Matos, Felipe Machad, Yves Passarell, and Pit Passarell in creating the Viper band. The first album that the group released was called Soldiers of Sunrise. The album was the start of success for Cassio Audi as a drummer. Read this article at

Although Cassio Audi left the music industry and ventured into the financing world, his part as a heavy metal drummer makes him popular not only in Brazil but the whole world.


James Dondero continues to reach out to the Dallas community

Dallas’ own James Dondero is without a doubt, one of Texas’ most strongest business leader and philanthropist. James Dondero is an experienced business leader, having more than 30 years experience in both credit and equity markets. James Dondero is also the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero has been in business since 1984, when he received his degree from the University of Virginia and their School of Commerce. James Dondero is dual certified as a management accountant and a chartered financial analyst. Before his time at Highland Capital Management, he was employed at American Express and then became the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Currently James Dondero serves the board of several corporations and organizations. James Dondero continues to support charitable organizations including the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. James Dondero recently gained attention for his work in bringing back hippos to the Dallas Zoo. James Dondero contributed $1 million to the zoo, to help rebuild the Hippo exhibit and transform it. James Dondero’s donation helped build a private pavilion for special events at the exhibit. His donation also gives visitors at the zoo the ability to see the hippos all over their habitat, including underwater. James Dondero continues to use Highland Capital Management help Dallas grow in a positive way, through philanthropy. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

As James Dondero continues to increase his community outreach, James Dondero with help launched Highland Dallas Foundation, which helps James Dondero pick out which charities to contribute to. James Dondero continues to give to organizations dedicated to veterans, education and health care issues. In order to expand his reach to the community, James Dondero hired ex-Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation CEO Linda Owen. Owen and Dondero were able to coordinate with The Family Place, which is an organization for men who are victims of domestic violence.

James Dondero’s business experience includes lengthy portfolio management, which includes bonds, securities and stocks. While at American Express, he was responsible for more than $1 billion in fixed income.


Why OneLogin?

OneLogin is an Identity and Access Management system that simplifies business logins while enhancing the security and efficiency of the system. OneLogin is used by businesses and individuals in workflow and various processes since it is a quick and easy tool. As a result, productivity is greatly enhanced without compromising security. OneLogin unifies all apps, devices, and users in an all-in-one third-party cloud-based system, thus making the identity and access to management quick and reducing the load of the Information Technology system. OneLogin’s identity minimizes traditional security issues that are associated with authentication, thus enhancing regulatory compliance. OneLogin system has the following benefits:

  1. Enhancement of the security

With the OneLogin system, the safety of the enterprise is strictly imposed in all the Apps, devices and users, regardless of the premise or cloud. The workers can obtain applications that are certified. Instead of updating changes on a module-by-module basis, updates are adjusted in the cloud-based system.

  1. Improves Compliance

The software develops consolidated audit for the activities and user management information, thus enhancing modifications and tracking access. Workers can get policy compliant app using OneLogin authentication policy. The IT team can follow and manage all the task in a consolidated dashboard. Also, administrators can opt to restrain the employee from using specific apps and develop Multi-Factor Authentication for added security. The auditor can file a report by clicking on a button to view who used a particular application and what time the action was done, thus simplifying the compliance reporting.

  1. Reduces the Expenses

As the identity management is enhanced, the system of OneLogin reduces the costs of identity management. The system relocates all identity and management access to the cloud, thus saving the expenses of operating and infrastructures. The company that makes use of OneLogin does not primary need to capitalize on authentication advancement, nor the price of managing and maintaining it. The directory integration cost and other services related to authentication are not necessary with the OneLogin system. The system also incorporates the cost of compliance auditing and other IT expenses connected with the application. In summary, OneLogin brings together user profile information and merges it in the cloud.

OneLogin enhances the efficiency of IT infrastructure, by removing the need for username resets, password, deep integration and shadow IT policy. It simplifies the issue of IT throughout the industries, companies and other enterprises.

OSI Group’s Unmatched Growth in the Food Processing Market

OSI Group is a food processing company. It mainly focuses on protein items sold around the globe. It produces fish, vegetables, bacon, poultry, dough products, pork, pizza and hot dogs. Its presence is felt in 65 facilities, which are located in 17 countries. It has its headquarters in located in Aurora, North Illinois. David McDonald is the president of the company while the Chief Executive Officer is Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group conducts business in many states including, West Jordan, Riverside, and California. It also operates in West Chicago, Illinois, Oakland, Chicago, Geneva, Iowa, Utah, Fort Atkinson, and Wisconsin.

OSI Group also operates in India. It opened a plant named Madanapalle to process frozen vegetables. The facility was strategically put up near farms, airports, and cities. It is, therefore, able to serve a considerable number of customers. OSI Group also has its operations in Eastern Europe. It built a plant in Poland in 2012 and expanded a chicken processing plant in Hungary. It has also partnered with Gen OSI in the Philippines where it opened a new processing plant in 2017. The plant has a capacity of producing 51 million pounds per year. It supplies beef, chicken, and fish to foodservice companies and eateries. OSI works round the clock to meet changing needs of consumers. Consumers are aware of the need for natural food and healthy products.

In 2016 a Dutch Manufacturer of convenience foods called Baho food was acquired by OSI Group. The products and services offered by Baho foods have been an added advantage for OSI Group because it has five subsidiaries such as Convenience, Q smart Life, and Bakx foods. Other of its subsidiaries include Henri van de Bilt, Vital, and Gelderland Frischwaren. Baho has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. It also operates in 18 countries in Europe. It also acquired Flagship Europe, which is a supplier of poultry, dips, and sauce to British dining establishments.

OSI Group acquired Tyson Foods in 2016. Tyson Foods was looking to shut down due to cost when OSI came to its rescue. The company had provided more than 500 jobs; hence, its closure would have affected many people. The acquisition benefited OSI Group’s production results. OSI Group is always looking for expansion opportunities both locally and internationally. It has managed to stay at the top of the industry through excellent marketing and accurate product development. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in the growth of OSI Group. He was in the finance and banking sector before venturing into the food business.

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Amicus Therapeutics Specialization on Orphan Ailment Treatments

Amicus Therapeutics is a Cranbury-based public biopharmaceutical organization whose publicity went viral in 2007. Before the company’s attainment of its IPO, Amicus Therapeutics was funded by different groups venturing in the capital like Radius Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and the Canaan Partners. Many venture capital firms were attracted to the organization due to its mission that was directed towards providing solutions to rare and orphan ailments. The primary disease speculated by Amicus include particular disorders collectively recognized as lysosomal storage disorders. Additionally, Amicus acquires an enormous number of clients due to its enhanced and sophisticated technologies incorporated in the augmentation of the organization’s products. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics utilizes the CHART model that focuses on enzyme replacement therapies. Besides using its developed systems, Amicus Therapeutics values the significance of collaborating with other famous companies in the health industry. In 2014, John Crowley led Amicus into a partnership deal with migalastat, a pharmaceutical chaperone whose specialty is in the treatment of Fabry illness. Additionally, Amicus engaged in other affiliations with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline. The aim of the collaboration between these prestigious health organizations was to facilitate investigations concerning co-formulation. Amicus aims to enhance individual’s lifestyles through the providence of health solutions has overtime attracted numerous grant groups. In 2010, the company received approximately $500,000 from the Michael Fox Foundation to boost studies organized by the organization’s partnership with David Geffen Medical Institution. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Amicus Therapeutics possesses an outstanding biologics program known as ATB200/AT2221. The program is uniquely designed for the study of Pompe ailments ERT that are administered along with pharmacological chaperones. The incorporation of exclusiveness element in every aspect of Amicus operations makes Amicus outstanding in the health segment. Additionally, the key personalities of the organization believe that quality results are attained through the utilization of stable and reliable technologies. Amicus is aimed towards the realization of its vision which entails improving lifestyles of its clients.

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